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  • Little J’s Band

    SPOTTED: Taylor Momsen aka Gossip Girl’s Little J having her debut performance as the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless last night — and all of the blogeratti GG diehard fans were in attendance! The multi-talented teen (read: 15-years old) got rave reviews and joins her fellow GG co-stars who also have fledgling singing careers. Read More ›

    Lindsey 5 years ago 6 responses

  • Gossip Girl Tours

    New York’s Upper East Side can officially prepare for a tourist stampede, as the neighborhood will now be trapzed upon by denizens expecting to spot the stomping grounds of Chuck Bass and friends. Unlike the Sex and the City tour, visitors will be pointed less to cupcake shops and more toward STD hotspots. Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago 3 responses

  • Leighton Meester Singing

    The Gossip Girl star has announced she’s releasing an album, and the first single is called “Birthday.” It’s pretty cheesy, but might possibly alleviate some of that Gossip Girl withdrawal you’re feeling.

    Peggy Wang 5 years ago 3 responses

  • Gossip Girl Spinoff

    The new show will focus on crazy Lily van der Woodsen in the ’80s in Hollywood, featuring coke, rock and a younger and hopefully less sponge cake-like Rufus. But how will they work in product placements and contemporary music (aka product placements)? As long as there are a lot of class issues — the Valley vs. Hollywood, etc. — the constant mention of consumer goods will remain key. Read More ›

    Scott Lamb 5 years ago respond

  • trashy

    Real Life ‘Gossip Girl’ Incest

    The entire Gossip Girl cast is making out with each other! In addition to Real-life Dan and Serena (Penn and Blake), who have been doing it for ages, Nate (Chace) and Jenny (15-year-old Taylor) have been spotted making out, in fulfillment of their characters’ prophecy. Also, Chuck (Ed) and Vanessa (Jessica) are apparently together, breaking barriers of borough and plotline. This is officially better than the show, because it involves statutory rape laws. Reality 1, Josh Schwartz 0. Read More ›

    Amanda Dobbins 5 years ago 3 responses

  • John Patrick Amedori

    OMFG. EW reports that the actor will star in an upcoming run of Gossip Girl episodes as Aaron Rose, Serena’s new, boho love interest. The dude (weirdly already a regular on teen heartthrob websites) has a background in skateboarding and playing the acoustic guitar…so like, typecasting, right? Read More ›

    Rach 6 years ago respond

  • The WB.com

    Buffy’s back! …Well, kind of, as TheWB.com launches today, where you can watch old shows from before The CW begat Gossip Girl and America’s Next Top Model. Focused on its being a “user-empowered” community, the site will allow users to mash-up their own creations with bits and pieces from shows, which means that just maybe we can finally see Ellen Cleghorne kick some vampire ass! Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 6 years ago respond

  • Inappropriate Gossip Girl Ads

    Last season the CW pissed off journalists and parents by using racy ads to promote “Gossip Girl.” Now the CW is using quotes from those critics in new ads. The posters superimpose critical phrases like, “mind-blowingly inappropriate” over images from the show. At this point Americans are sure to discover that these over-privileged fictional teenagers are having sex. Can we handle it? View Image ›

    anne 6 years ago respond

  • All the Sad Young Gossip Girls

    A tumblr blog that collects fictional lost artifacts from the infamous show, like IMs and handwritten love letters. Here’s a must-read if you’re a Gossip Girl addict. Sometimes fictional characters get a little too real, though, like the times I used to have creepy dreams that I was Mulder and Scully’s third wheel. Read More ›

    Peggy Wang 6 years ago 2 responses

  • 90210

    The creator of Veronica Mars is reportedly helming a spinoff of the ’90s teen soap for The CW. If there is, in fact, a God, Brenda and Dylan will totes be running the Peach Pit, dispensing advice and milkshakes as needed to some very troubled teenagers. Read More ›

    BuzzFeed Classic 6 years ago respond

  • Spoiled Brats

    Western money culture is producing an epidemic of horrible kids, although the specter of Paris Hilton is making some parents clamp down. There’s been a lot of talk during the current election cycle about leaving a better America for the next generation, but if the next generation is just going to behave like the characters on Gossip Girl, maybe we should think again. Read More ›

    BuzzFeed Classic 6 years ago respond

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