14 Times A Show Revealed A Character Was Actually Alive And We Were Like “GO BACK TO YOUR GRAVE”

    Sometimes, characters should really just stay dead.

    When characters die on TV, it can have a huge emotional impact on you as a viewer. Whether that's despair or joy entirely depends on the character, but either way, if it turns out they're not actually dead, it can feel really hollow and manipulative.

    Jessica Lange on American Horror Story saying "you can all just die"

    Here are just some of the TV characters that really should have stayed dead...

    1. Hopper on Stranger Things

    Hopper is teary-eyed and bloody while standing in front of an explosion

    2. Big John on Outer Banks

    Big John embraces John B

    3. Ali on Pretty Little Liars

    Ali smiles and says "Did you miss me"

    4. Sara on Prison Break

    Sara's "head" looking dead

    5. Michael on Prison Break

    Michael looking "dead"

    6. Michael on Jane the Virgin

    Michael lays apparently dying surrounded by people

    7. Glenn on The Walking Dead

    Glenn bloodied and surrounded by zombie hands

    8. Ray on True Detective

    Ray looks like he is dying on True Detective

    9. Rumple on Once Upon a Time

    Close-up of Rumple on Once Upon A time

    10. Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Bright light pierces through Spike's chest

    11. Bart on Gossip Girl

    Bart wears a suit and looks serious

    12. Bobby on Dallas

    Bobby turns around in the shower

    13. The Mountain on Game of Thrones

    The undead Mountain wears a gold helmet

    14. The entire crew on Red Dwarf

    The Captain and some crew of Red Dwarf stand together

    What fakeout character death frustrated you the most? Let us know in the comments!