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17 People Who Have Already Won Halloween This Year


1. The Gossip Girl meme:

Twitter: @dannah__montana / Via CW

2. White Chicks:

Twitter: @UGHBARBlE / Via @

3. Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies' Best of Show costume:

4. MUNA's Freaky Friday costume:

Twitter: @whereisMUNA / Via Disney

5. Pretty Woman:

Twitter: @rachelzegler / Via Touchstone Pictures

6. Shrek:

"eu se canceló la fiesta de Halloween" Yo:

Twitter: @fernechini

7. Lil Nas X:

Twitter: @DijahSB / Via Steve Granitz/WireImag

8. Pearl:

Twitter: @sassyblackdiva

9. The chicest wind chime:

the chicest wind chime @doritkemsley1 has ever seen #RHOBH @BravoWWHL

Twitter: @georgie_rae_

10. A League of Their Own:

Twitter: @nut_history

11. This American Horror Story costume:

Twitter: @gnuman1979

12. Emma D'Arcy and Olivia Cooke's Negroni sbagliato meme:

13. This clapback costume:

Twitter: @jacketlunch

14. Jamiroquai:

Halloween is starting early… coz there’s an emergency on planet earth.

Twitter: @atrak

15. Can't Help Myself-inspired costume:

this is the best costume ive ever seen

Twitter: @criminalplaza

16. Lisa Rinna:

at a Halloween party and ran into Lisa Rinna #RHOBH

Twitter: @nothingbutbravo

Let me know your favorites so far in the comments below!