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    20 Plot Holes, Inconsistencies, And Errors From Iconic TV Shows That Are Sure To Keep You Up At Night

    The ages of the Friends characters change from season to season.

    1. In Gilmore Girls, a character introduces himself as "Mick" in the second episode. Four episodes later, the same character goes by "Kirk" and continues to go by "Kirk" for the entire series.

    Kirk introducing himself to Lorelai as "Mick"

    2. In The Office pilot, Michael says he's been with Dunder Mifflin for 12 years. Yet in Season 5, four years later, Michael claims to be celebrating his 15th year with the company.

    Michael saying he's been at Dunder MIfflin for 12 years in Season 1 and Michael asking David if he's coming to his 15th anniversary party in Season 5

    3. Also in The Office, Pam's mom is introduced in Season 2, but when she reappears at Jim and Pam's wedding in Season 6, she's a completely different person.

    The actor playing Pam's mom is different in Season 2 and Season 6

    4. And while we're still talking about The Office, Pam says she used to lie to get out of playing volleyball in high school, but it's later revealed she played the sport competitively through college.

    Pam saying she used to get out of volleyball in gym in Season 4 and Pam saying she played in junior high, high school, and college in Season 5

    5. In Sex and the City, characters used to break the fourth wall, speaking directly to the camera, but the series dropped those mockumentary-type interviews by the end of Season 2.

    Characters from "Sex and the City" addressing the camera

    6. In That '70s Show, Donna has a younger sister named Tina who appears in one episode of Season 1 but is never mentioned again.

    Donna's sister confronting her about people using their dad's stereo

    7. In Friends, Rachel and Chandler were introduced to each other three separate times — once in the present day and twice in flashbacks — as if they had never met.

    8. Also in Friends, the ages of the characters are super inconsistent throughout the series.

    The "Friends" characters around a birthday table

    Ross says he's 29 in Season 3, but in Season 5 he's somehow not yet 30.

    Ross saying he's 29 in Season 3 and Season 5

    Meanwhile, Monica claims to be 26 in Season 1 but turns 30 in Season 7 — meaning she's only aged four years over the course of seven seasons.

    Monica saying she's 26 in Season 1 and 30 in Season 7

    And Joey, who says he's 25 in the first season, making him the youngest of the group, somehow turns 30 before Rachel.

    Joey saying he's 25 in Season 1 and Chandler telling Joey he's 31 in Season 7

    9. In SpongeBob SquarePants, there is a Season 2 episode where SpongeBob trips, causing multiple Krabby Patties to land in Squidward's mouth. However, in Season 3, Squidward claims to have never tried a Krabby Patty.

    Squidward eating a Krabby Patty in Season 2 and then saying he's never had one in Season 3

    10. In Gossip Girl, Dan sends tips to Gossip Girl and is consistently shocked by new posts, even though it is later revealed that he was Gossip Girl the whole time.

    Dan reading a post from Gossip Girl even though he's Gossip Girl

    11. In Full House, Jesse's last name was originally "Cochran" but was changed to "Katsopolis" in Season 2.

    Jesse Cochran in Season 1 and Jesse Katsopolis in Season 2

    12. In The Nanny, the Sheffield residence has different decor and a different layout after the first episode.

    Fran standing in the same room with different decorations and different coloring from Season 1 to Season 2

    13. In The Big Bang Theory, Howard has no idea the elevator is broken in Season 1. However, in a Season 3 flashback, it's revealed that Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj were the reason the elevator broke in the first place.

    Howard suggesting using the elevator in Season 1 and Howard watching the elevator break in Season 3

    14. In The X-Files, Mulder is seen wearing a wedding ring in a Season 5 flashback episode, but there is no mention in the show of him ever being married.

    Mulder wearing a wedding ring

    15. In New Girl, Jess tells Winston she's claustrophobic, even demonstrating her fear by locking herself in a closet and screaming for help. However, just one episode later, Jess hides in a closet with multiple characters and has no panic attack.

    Jess claiming she will feel like she's dying if she goes into a closet in Season 2, Episode 10, and Jess totally fine in a closet with Schmidt and Winston in Season 2, Episode 11

    16. In Hannah Montana, people know Robby Ray is Miley Stewart's dad, and he also claims to be Hannah Montana's dad. Yet somehow, no one is able to piece together that Miley and Hannah are the same person.

    The Jonas Brothers excited to meet Hannah Montana's dad, Robby Ray

    17. In Cheers, Frasier claims his father was a scientist before he died. However, in the spinoff Frasier, Martin Crane is very much alive and worked as a cop, not a scientist.

    Frasier saying his dad is dead in "Cheers" and Martin Crane alive in "Frasier"

    18. In The Golden Girls, Blanche once said she had four children, but as the series progresses, it's revealed she has six: four sons and two daughters.

    Blanche telling Dorothy she has four kids

    19. In Family Matters, Judy completely disappeared after Season 4, and the Winslow family never offered any explanation for the youngest daughter's absence.

    Bryton James, Kellie Shanygne Williams, Rosetta LeNoire, and Jaimee Foxworth as Judy in "Family Matters"

    20. And in Riverdale, Jason and Cheryl Blossom are supposed to be twins but are in different grades at school.

    Cheryl and Betty in the same grade and Polly and Jason in the same grade