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    28 Outfits From The “Gossip Girl” Reboot Episodes 9 And 10, Ranked From "You Deserve A Lump Of Coal" To "All I Want For Christmas"

    The #1 look might be my favorite out of the entire season, tbh.

    Hello, Upper East Siders!! I know it's hard to believe, but we're in the home stretch of Season 1 of the Gossip Girl reboot. With only two episodes remaining, it's time to sharpen our keyboards and not hold anything back.

    Without further ado, let's get into all the looks from Episodes 9 and 10: "Blackberry Narcissus" and "Final Cancellation."

    27. Wendy's five-second floral look:

    Wendy Fineman-Walsh wears a high-neck floral long sleeve dress

    26. Gideon's rebound outfit:

    Gideon Wolf wears a high-neck floral long sleeve dress

    25. Kate's spiraling jogging look:

    Kate Keller wears a plain t-shirt under a hoodie and yoga pants

    24. Julien's bratty party dress:

    Julien Calloway wears a brightly colored dress, a gold head piece, and matching colored make up

    23. Julien's ~interesting~ law office/school fit:

    Julien Calloway wears biker shorts under an oversized button up blouse under a dark jacket

    22. The Roses' sweet Hanukkah looks:

    Cyrus Rose wears a dark suit and matching tie. And Eleanor Waldorf-Rose wears a shiny long sleeve dress

    21. Roy's "handy man on the go" uniform:

    Roy Sachs wears a flannel shirt under a vest and jeans

    20. Max's sunshine uniform sweater:

    Max Wolfe wears a brightly colored pullover sweater

    19. Julien's on-the-town disguise:

    Julien Calloway wears a dark hooded sweatshirt under a dark bomber jacket

    18. Audrey's corduroy dream jacket:

    Audrey Hope wears a dark colored corduroy jacket

    17. Kate's cute blazer moment:

    Kate Keller wears a button up shirt under a brightly colored wool blazer

    16. Julien's electric school blazer.

    A close up of Julien Calloway as she wears a brightly colored plaid uniform jacket over a button up blouse and a dark tie

    15. Max's cozy woodsy fit:

    Max Wolfe wears a dark colored sweater under a lightly colored spring jacket

    14. Zoya's grungy stay-at-home fit:

    Zoya Lott wears baggy ripped jeans and a baggy graphic t-shirt

    13. Luna and Monet's girls-next-door uniforms:

    Luna La wears a light colored blouse tucked into a high waisted shirt and a skinny bow tie. Monet de Haan wears a plaid sweater over a button up blouse and a Chanel pearl necklace

    12. Luna's business woman wool coat:

    Luna La wears a cropped sweater vest over an oversized button up shirt and a lightly colored plaid wool coat

    11. Zoya's canary fuzzy jacket:

    Zoya Lott wears a plain t-shirt under plaid jumper and a brightly colored fuzzy jacket

    10. Zoya's plaid wool moment:

    Zoya Lott wears a brightly colored plaid wool jacket over a pullover sweater

    9. Jeremy O. Harris's saving-the-day look:

    Jeremy O'Harris wears brightly colored slacks, a light colored button up shirt, and a dark blazer

    8. Julien's sad press conference turtleneck set:

    Julien Calloway wears a one color turtleneck and skirt set

    7. Zoya's comfortable party look:

    Zoya Lott wears a dark colored long sleeve knee length dress

    6. Gideon's sparkly Hanukkah blazer:

    Gideon Wolf wears a dark blazer with a bedazzled pattern on the collar

    5. Luna's sexy party planning fit:

    Luna La wears a brightly colored corset top with high waisted jeans and a long dark colored fuzzy jacket

    4. Aki's Skater Boi uniform:

    Aki Mezies wears a dark colored striped polo skirt, khaki pants, and a puffy bomber jacket

    3. Monet's simple and classy mini dress moment:

    Monet de Haan wears a dark colored long sleeve shirt under a plaid mini dress

    2. Luna's art gallery cape coat:

    Luna La wears a cream colored turtleneck dress under a long fringe jacket

    1. And finally, Monet's fiery red uniform look:

    Monet de Haan wears a striped pleated uniform shirt, a brightly colored blazer, and a dark colored wool coat

    That's all for now, my dears!! See you soon for our last fashion roundup of the season!!!