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    From "Scrubs" To "Gossip Girl" – 14 Axed TV Show Details That Would've Made The Shows Entirely Different

    Stranger Things dodged one hell of a bullet.

    TV shows may start out as one thing, but they often tend to go in all sorts of different directions. All that chopping, changing, and re-writing equates to countless storylines and details that almost happened, but didn't in the end.

    Here are 14 changes to TV shows that never actually occurred, but would've made a huge impact if they had:

    1. New Girl nearly had a completely different name.

    2. Grey's Anatomy also had a far more dull title in mind at the start.

    3. In Scrubs, the janitor was just in JD's mind.

    4. In The Big Bang Theory, the female lead changed dramatically.

    5. There were almost some serious changes to Gunther in Friends.

    6. And the show almost got a new location!

    7. The ending of Pretty Little Liars was amended significantly.

    8. They also almost killed off a main character.

    9. They tried to reject Danny DeVito for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    10. Gossip Girl was supposed to have a completely different Gossip Girl.

    11. Stranger Things almost killed off TWO main characters.

    12. The Office nearly broke Jim and Pam up!

    13. Buffy The Vampire Slayer tried to bring Tara back.

    14. And finally, Jesse could have died in season one of Breaking Bad.

    Do you know any other TV show changes that would have been super different? Let us know in the comments below!