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    16 “Gossip Girl” Reboot Episode 7 Outfits, Ranked From "Why Would You Buy That" To "Thankful This Exists"

    So many outfits to be thankful for...

    Welcome back, Upper East Siders! It's wild to think we were here just two short months ago judging our little hearts away. Did you miss me? Because I certainly missed you!

    While it's exciting to get back into all things fashion and Gossip Girl, we do need to talk about the elephant in the room. The second half of Season 1 is being dropped within two weeks, so three episodes dropped last week and the remaining three will be dropped this coming Thursday. So, in the spirit of the season, we'll be moving through these rankings at a rapid-fire speed.

    So, let's not waste any more time and get into all the looks from Episode 7: "Once Upon a Time in the Upper West Side."

    16. Saskia's ~interesting~ appearance outfit:

    Saskia Bates wears a colorful striped hat, fur coat, and floral corset dress

    15. The teacher trio's tired but cozy looks:

    Wendy wears a floor length floral dress under a fur coat, Kate Keller wears a brightly colored blouse under a dark jacket with matching pants, and Jordan Glassberg wears a vest under a puffy jacket and jeans

    14. Kate's cute Thanksgiving striped look:

    Kate Keller wears a striped shirt under a light cardigan

    13. Audrey's layered uniform:

    12. Audrey's drab Thanksgiving dress:

    11. Nick's cozy hosting fit:

    Nick Lott wears a patterned sweater and khakis

    10. Julien's dope FUBU jersey:

    Julien Calloway wears an oversized baseball jersey

    9. Zoya's girl-next-door uniform:

    Zoya Lott wears a patterned sweater over a button up shirt, plaid shirt, and sheep skin jacket

    8. Julien's Betty Cooper–esque uniform:

    Julien Calloway wears an oversized knit sweater over an oversized button up shirt

    7. Zoya's sweet hosting sweater:

    Zoya Lott wears an oversized warm colored knit sweater

    6. Lola's polka dot dream dress:

    Lola Morgan wears a puffy sleeve polka dot long sleeve mini dress

    5. Saskia's meddling floral look:

    Saskia Bates wears a short floral dress under a long fur coat

    4. Julien's out-on-the-town fit:

    Julien Calloway wears baggy cargo pants and a dark colored sheep skin jacket

    3. Gideon's upcycled cape:

    Gideon Wolfe wears a brightly colored patterned long cape over a dark shirt

    2. Julien's daring Thanksgiving gown:

    A close up of Julien Calloway as she wears a striped warm colored long sleeve dress

    1. Kiki's comeback look:

    Kiki Hope wears a long sleeve dark dress with a slit up the middle

    Until the next episode, my darlings!!