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    "Glee" Used Real Slushees That Stained Cast Members' Skin, And 56 Other Fascinating Teen Show Facts

    One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray can't play basketball, and All American star Daniel Ezra can't play football.

    Hi, I'm Hannah, and I loooooooove teen dramas.

    Marge saying "I just think they're neat" on The Simpsons

    I also love behind-the-scenes facts. As such, I have gathered many fun BTS facts about teen shows over the years, and I am now willing to share my knowledge with the world.

    Here are 57 teen show facts you may find fascinating!

    1. Dawson's Creek had network TV's first gay kiss. In fact, when Greg Berlanti took over for Kevin Williamson as showrunner, including the kiss was one of the conditions he gave for accepting the job.

    Jack and Ethan kiss

    2. Euphoria is Angus Cloud's first acting role. He was discovered on the streets of New York.

    Fez on Euphoria

    3. It's also Hunter Schafer's first role. She had never acted before and had been planning a career in fashion.

    4. The super-intense Euphoria fight scene between Rue and her mom — which became a focal point of Rue's special episode — was improvised by Zendaya and Nika King.

    Fighting with her mom and threatening her with a piece of broken glass, rue yells "Dad's so fucking proud, Mom!" and "Get off me!" and "Back the fuck up"

    5. In Teen Wolf, Stiles' iconic "Don't be such a sour wolf" line was improvised by Dylan O'Brien.

    6. Kristen Bell basically came up with Veronica's style in Veronica Mars all on her own.

    Veronica press photo

    7. And one of the reasons Hilary Duff got the role of Lizzie was her great outfits she wore to the auditions.

    Hilary in a 3/4-sleeve top that says "American Girl" on a bedazzled flag

    8. Speaking of fashion...Jenny's style on Gossip Girl changed drastically because of the way star Taylor Momsen changed, adopting more of a punk rock style.

    Jenny in seasons 1, 2, and 3, progressively dressing more edgy

    9. Raven-Symoné came up with her iconic "vision face" in That's So Raven with the help of her dad.

    10. Raven is terrified of snakes and had a lot of issues filming Corey's birthday episode of That's So Raven, where she had to hold a snake.

    11. One more That's So Raven fact: Raven and Lindsay Lohan were roommates while some of the show was filming.

    Raven and Lindsay

    12. Speaking of LiLo — she was in the running to play Lizzie on Lizzie McGuire.

    13. The Lizzie McGuire bra-shopping episode was almost deemed too controversial.

    14. And the “Prom-ises, Prom-ises" episode of Boy Meets World was actually deemed too controversial for Disney.

    Corey and Topanga kissing on a hotel bed

    15. Same with the episode "If You Can’t Be With the One You Love.”

    Shawn pushes Angela against a wall and she says that she doesn't like that he drinks

    16. Another "banned" teen episode? The Degrassi: The Next Generation's “Accidents Will Happen.”

    Manny asks how she'll feel after the and woman on the clinic says lots of women feel differently — some cry, some feel relieved

    17. The Sex Education scene when Rahim clogs the bus toilet and puts his poop in a sock he throws out the window took 20 takes because everyone kept laughing.

    Rahim throws his sock of poop out the window and it hits a car window

    18. Also, the "poop" was made of chocolate mousse and Weetabix — Asa Butterfield, aka Otis, tried some, calling it "alright."

    the poop on the window

    19. When Topanga and Corey kissed on Boy Meets World, it was Ben Savage's first "official" kiss.

    Corey asks if Topanga's going to kiss him, and she asks if it'd be his first kiss, then kisses him

    20. The whole storyline on Riverdale where Jughead "died" only happened 'cause Cole Sprouse was too cold to film a scene.

    Veronica, Betty, and Archie in only their underwear burning Jughead's beanie

    21. On the other hand, KJ Apa was so committed to the scene where he punched through ice to rescue Cheryl on Riverdale that he broke his hand.

    22. After a traumatic experience as a kid, Madelaine Petsch became terrified of open bodies of water. When she auditioned for Riverdale, she had no idea she'd have to film so many scenes in or underwater — however, she said this helped her conquer her fear.

    "We had just gotten the script and I saw that I was shooting in water. I'm like, 'Oh, I'm sure it's a studio, no big deal. They put me in the middle of a giant lake in Vancouver in a boat with somebody who'd never rowed a boat before. It was so scary"

    23. During Anya's heartbreaking monologue about death in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "The Body," Emma Caulfield said, the only thing she was thinking about was how much she had to go to the bathroom.

    Anya talking about how she doesn't understand how humans go through this, just knowing a person and then there being a body, and not understanding why Joyce can't just get back in it

    24. In Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel never actually drank coffee (she doesn't like the taste) — her coffee cups were filled with Coke instead.

    25. To prank Miley, in the first kiss scene between her and Jake Ryan on Hannah Montana, the prop guy kept setting off a fart machine.

    Miley telling Jake to admit that he likes her, he tells HER to admit it, and then they kiss

    26. Shailene Woodley actually had kind of a lot of trouble playing Amy on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

    27. As did Blake Lively as Serena on Gossip Girl.

    Serena sleeping with Blair's boyfriend, then later telling Blair she's killed someone

    28. And Penn Badgley didn't approve of making Dan Gossip Girl.

    Dan reveals that he wanted to write himself into the world of the upper east side and that he used Serena as his muse and mimicked the way constance girls talked

    29. It's long been rumored that much of the Glee cast also disliked being on the show, and that was essentially confirmed by stars Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz. McHale said he was the "last to break," revealing his breaking point was "What Does the Fox Say?"

    The cast of Glee performing "What Does the Fox Say" with puppets

    30. Nick Jonas said the second season of Jonas was the JoBros' biggest regret.

    The band performing on the show

    31. In the opening credits of Victorious, Victoria Justice really did almost drop the gold mic. The shot made it in.

    32. Sean Flynn had cut his iconic curly hair by the time he returned for the finale of Zoey 101 — so in the last episode, he's actually wearing a wig.

    Chase in the finale with his hair labeled "wig"

    33. In the Zoey 101 episode "The Curse of PCA," the whole plot with Zoey with a bucket on her head was written because star Jamie Lynn Spears didn't have time to shoot all the scenes they needed her for. That's not even her under the bucket.

    Zoey with a bucket on her head labeled "Not Jamie Lynn Spears"

    34. Sasha Pieterse, who played 15-year-old Alison, was only 12 when the pilot for Pretty Little Liars began shooting.

    Ali in the pilot

    35. Bianca Lawson, in contrast, was 31 — she actually played a teenager for two decades.

    Bianca Lawson as Maya

    36. Adam Brody bombed in his The O.C. audition, and show creator Josh Schwartz didn't want to cast him.

    Adam looking up and wearing a striped shirt

    37. Chad Michael Murray could've played Ryan on The O.C. — he turned it down to play Lucas on basketball drama One Tree Hill instead.

    38. One Tree Hill's creator originally wanted Murray to play Nathan.

    Lucas and Nathan

    39. Murray is super bad at basketball irl — but James Lafferty had played in high school.

    40. Similarly, All-American star Daniel Ezra can't play football.

    Daniel on the football field on the show

    41. The O.C. creator Schwartz feels bad for killing Marissa.

    Ryan saying "marissa" and shaking her

    42. And Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Marti Noxon (who had taken over for Joss in Season 6) regrets killing off Tara.

    43. Showrunner Kevin Williamson also wasn't sold on Pacey and Joey ending up together in Dawson's Creek.

    44. He was also The Vampire Diaries' showrunner and wanted Elena and Stefan to end up together. Williamson told Deadline, “I always thought it would be Stefan and Elena. They were sort of the anchor of the show, but because we lost Elena in Season 6, we couldn’t go back."

    45. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley both wanted their characters to die at the end of The Vampire Diaries.

    Ian and Paul saying they both wanted their characters to die and go out with a bang, and that they fought over who would die, and Paul ended up "getting it," making Ian jealous

    46. Nina Dobrev and Wesley actually didn't like each other when they started filming The Vampire Diaries, despite playing love interests.

    Paul and Nina as Stefan and Elena in the pilot

    47. Shanae Grimes and AnnaLynne McCord also famously didn't get along on the set of 90210. However, now they're friends, with McCord saying Grimes called her right when the show was ending, sad that it was over.

    AnnaLynn describing how her and Shenae were at each other's throats for five years, then called her crying the day before they wrapped the show, sad it was over

    48. Holland Roden originally auditioned for Allison before being cast as Lydia on Teen Wolf.

    An arrow pointing from Lydia to Allison

    49. And Zach Roerig read for Stefan, Damon, and Tyler before being cast as Matt on The Vampire Diaries.

    Zach's audition for Stefan and the actual scene with Paul Wesley, where Elena asks if Stefan is following her after he sees her fall, and he asks if she's ok

    50. Chris Colfer originally auditioned for Artie on Glee.

    in Chris Colfer's audition for Artie, he says "I think Mr. Shue's using irony to enhance the performance," and in the actual episode, Kevin McHale as Artie says the same thing

    51. Producers actually liked him so much, they wrote the role of Kurt just for him.

    Kurt on Glee

    52. Similarly, Lisa Weil originally auditioned for Rory on Gilmore Girls — producers then created the role of Paris for her!

    Liza as Paris

    53. Alisha Boe originally auditioned for Hannah in 13 Reasons Why before being cast as Jessica.

    Hannah and Jessica

    54. Sarah Michelle Gellar originally auditioned for Cordelia on Buffy the Vampire Slayer — and Charisma Carpenter auditioned for Buffy.

    Buffy and Cordelia

    55. When Dylan O'Brien auditioned for Teen Wolf, his résumé was just two YouTube links.

    Dylan O'Brien on his YouTube channel

    56. Dianna Agron was cast as Quinn on Glee the night before the pilot started filming.

    Agron on Glee

    57. And finally, Glee used real slushies. They stained the cast members' bodies and would only come off with shaving cream.

    What's your favorite behind-the-scenes fact about a teen show? Let us know in the comments!