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    26 TV Bridesmaid Dresses I Just Really Need To Talk About

    Ross and Emily's wedding on Friends is proof not all bridesmaids dresses have to be ugly.

    1. Yes: The hot pink dresses Hilary and Ashley wore for Will and Lisa's wedding on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

    Full marks for the colour suiting both Hilary and Ashley, and them wearing different styles (there is no Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants version of a bridesmaid dress, give it up).

    2. No: The candy-themed pink dress for Kimmy's Choose Your Own Adventure Wedding in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

    Let this be a lesson to you: a theme can go too far.

    The sleeves, super shiny fabric, and short A-line skirt are also all dreadful. 

    3. Yes: The deep red dresses the Glee girls wore for Carole and Burt's wedding.

    I am rarely a fan of a short bridesmaids dress, but these are all universally cute but still formal 'n' fancy. They all fit really well and I *particularly* love the cut of Rachel's dress.

    4. Yes: Darby's black dress for Olivia and Fitz's wedding on Scandal.

    At first l was like, hmm okay, this is fine, but THEN I saw Darby's holding the massive red bouquet which looks like a floral off-shoulder neckline when it's held up. THE DRAMA.

    5. No: The yellow dresses from when Max and Caroline went bridesmaid dress shopping for Sophie's wedding in 2 Broke Girls.

    I mean, these are obviously the punchline of a joke as they are truly monstrous dresses. But also I think it's a shame that 'ugly bridesmaids dresses' are such a thing! I'm getting married next year and want my bridal party to look and feel as good as I do??

    Also, unless someone turns up in a massive white dress, I don't think I can be upstaged? 

    6. Yes: The white bridesmaids dresses for Queen Elizabeth's wedding on The Crown.

    Yes to this whole vibe. The massive bouquets, the head pieces, the gloves, oh my god I love it all.

    Look at the vista they make beside Queen Elizabeth! Like 1940s royal flower nymphs.

    7. No: The green bridesmaids dresses from Anya and Xander's wedding on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    I don't hate these as much as maybe I should do. I really love the colour. Like I think this would be fantastic dress if they took off the frilly bit on the sleeves. And the flower. And the frilly flared part of the skirt.

    8. Yes: Charlotte Grayson's black bridesmaid dress for Emily and Daniel's wedding in Revenge.

    I want to wear this dress. It's understated and chic, but still ~fashion~ with the cut out bits. And I like that this works as a bridesmaid dress but you can also see Charlotte getting a lot of use out of it?

    9. No: The brown dress Brooke wore for Lucas and Peyton's wedding on One Tree Hill.

    I ummed and ahhed over Brooke's dress for so long, because there are parts I like! The fitted bodice mainly. But that's kind of it. Hate the short skater skirt with the long bit at the back and really don't like that specific shade of brown dress that appeared at so many 2000s weddings.

    10. No: The pink bridesmaids dresses for April And Matthew's wedding on Grey's Anatomy.

    Behold, the march of the Greys Anatomy 2000s bridesmaid dresses. This pink dress is FINE. Nothing more, nothing less. The epitome of not outshining the bride.

    The colour and style are all pretty but there's no ZING. Also I'm not sure you would wear this dress anywhere else.

    11. Yes: The mauve bridesmaids dresses for Izzie And Alex's wedding on Grey's Anatomy.

    It's a no on the colour as I don't like mauve, but I am willing to admit that it is just a me thing. Otherwise I think these are more wearable outside being a bridesmaid than the pink ones.

    I also don't love the ruching. Tbh, these only got a yes because I think Cristina looks great here.

    12. No: The brown bridesmaids dresses for Cristina and Burke's wedding on Grey's Anatomy.

    I love how Izzie's dress fits her, but that 2000s brown is a no from me. I also think Callie's dress is kind of shapeless? That waist band, tunic top and long A-line skirt combo is doing nothing for me.

    13. Yes and no: The pink and black Vera Wang bridesmaids dresses for Blair and Louis' wedding on Gossip Girl.

    Serena's maid of honour dress is a hard yes. The bodice, over the shoulder voile, and flowing silhouette are all A+. But the bridesmaids dresses are a no. I like that they have a distinct style but there's something off. Maybe the slightly too boxy skirts? I don't know!

    14. Yes: The lemon yellow bridesmaids dresses Claire and Pam wore for Mitch and Cam's disastrous wedding on Modern Family.

    I think the dress looks a lot nicer on Cam's sister than on Claire! But overall it's very pretty. Very garden wedding. You would never wear this dress again though.

    15. No: The lilac bridesmaids dresses for Pam's wedding on The Office US.

    The lilac, asymmetrical hem, and wide satin waistband make this an automatic no for me.

    16. Yes: The deep purple bridesmaids dresses for Donna's wedding on Parks and Recreation.

    The jewel tone purple colour is nice and again, points for different styles in the same colour. Are these my favourite ever dresses? No. But I would feel confident and comfortable wearing them (especially Leslie's off-the-shoulder dress).

    17. No: Rachel's bright pink dress at Barry and Mindy's wedding on Friends.

    Would someone who was really your friend ever choose this as a dress for you to wear on their wedding day? No. As shown by the whole Mindy sleeping with Barry when he was still engaged to Rachel thing. These gals are frenemies and the dress knows it.

    18. Yes: This red number Monica wore for Emily's wedding in Friends.

    This is amazing. Simple! Chic! A super flattering colour! The elegant draped neckline! The little scarfy wrap thing to add a lil' drama! Say what you will about Emily, but she can't have been that bad if she was picking bridesmaid dresses like this.

    19. No: Rachel and Phoebe's dresses at Monica's wedding on Friends.

    You'd think Monica might have returned the favour but no. Sorry but I refuse to believe Monica didn't steal some poor granny's 'good living room' curtains to make these.

    20. Yes: The 80's pink bridesmaids dresses at Brooke's wedding on American Horror Story.

    These are '80s in an actually quite understated way and I ~really like them~. I'd maybe remove the frill (though that's not even a dealbreaker) and tighten up the bodices a bit, but I'd 100% wear one of these.

    21. Yes: The vivid pink dresses Brenda, Donna, and Kelly wore at Jackie and Mel's wedding on 90210.

    I'm sure these have appeared in worst TV bridesmaid dresses lists, but I actually quite like them. Sleek corset top? Good. Simple bow detail? Good. Halterneck? Good. Plus these are '90s dresses, so the lack of puffiness here is miraculous.

    22. No: The neon pink dresses Alyson and Patrice wore at Robin and Barney's wedding on How I Met Your Mother.

    I just think these look like dresses you'd wear in an office but in an extra bright colour. They could be worse I guess. But they could be better.

    23. Yes: The off-white bridesmaids dresses from Charlotte's first wedding on Sex and the City.

    Each dress shows Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha's personal styles while still looking super coordinated – though Sam's dress is my overall fave. I love the combo of Charlotte's white dress with the flattering warm cream colour too.

    24. Yes: When Charlotte upstages the bride in a black dress in Sex and the City.

    In this episode this whole thing was made about not ever upstaging a bride then Charlotte eventually cracked and wore this. But I think this it's fine. It's elegant and sexy in a very understated way. Still wedding appropriate IMO.

    25. Yes: Chanel #3 and Chanel #5's pink dresses at Chanel's wedding in Scream Queens.

    The silhouette of these dresses are stunning. I love the single off-shoulder action and the softer shade of pink looks good on all of them. Also love the matching accessories that add a bit of individual flair.

    26. No: Jess's red bridesmaid dress at Cece's wedding on New Girl.

    This might be controversial but there's something about Jess's bridesmaid's dress I really don't like. The colour really suits her, but I think the lace and overall shape is a no from me. I also don't like those sleeves SORRY.