Sorry But These Super Popular Shows Are Actually Terrible

    Sorry to tell you that your fave kinda sucks.

    Every so often a show blows up that has everyone scratching their heads. Sometimes even fans look back and wonder what the hell they ever saw in their old faves. Here are some of the most popular shows that actually aren't very good...

    1. Emily in Paris

    Emily wears a green and red outfit with a stunned expression on her face

    2. The Big Bang Theory

    Sheldon lies on his bed in pyjamas looking at a laptop

    3. Friends

    Chandler wears a pink bunny costume

    4. Riverdale

    Archie wears a grey t-shirt and stands in front of a group of boys

    5. Two Broke Girls

    Max and Caroline stand side by side in uniform

    6. Two and a Half Men

    Alan wears pyjamas and eats cookies out of a packet at the kitchen table

    7. Grey's Anatomy

    Meredith and Derek kiss

    8. How I Met Your Mother

    Ted holds a beer and sits at a table in a bar

    9. 13 Reasons Why

    Clay speaks at his graduation ceremony

    10. Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

    Clary and Jace look at each other while standing in front of a van

    11. Insatiable

    Bob puts a pearl necklace on Patty

    12. Seinfeld

    Kramer and Jerry sit on a stage next to each other

    13. Everybody Loves Raymond

    Ray stands in the living room with a tie on

    14. House

    House frowns while looking at a patient

    15. Pretty Little Liars

    The four leads in Pretty Little Liars stand in a row wearing black and looking worried

    16. Family Guy

    Stewie dances while looking evil

    Which popular shows do you think are actually terrible?