29 Characters That Were Added Later In A Show That People Hate With A Passion

    "His character's writing was just usually absolutely awful."

    Sometimes, characters come into a show and totally revitalize it.

    Other times, they just make everything worse, and sometimes even make a show unwatchable. Well, a while back, I made a list of the best and worst character additions to TV shows, and people had a ton of thoughts in the comments. Here are 29 character additions people hate with a passion.

    Note: I do not endorse all these. Justice for Dawn, Juliet, and Kira!

    1. Andy on The Office

    Andy on "The Office."

    2. Teddy on Grey's Anatomy

    Teddy Altman on "Grey's Anatomy."

    3. Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation

    Chris Traeger on "Parks and Recreation."

    4. Abigael Caine on Charmed

    Abigael Caine on "Charmed."

    5. Sara Lance on Arrow

    Sara Lance on "Arrow."
    Sara and her sister's boyfriend kissing

    6. Ryder on Glee

    Ryder on Glee

    Exhibit A...

    Unique says "I am a proud Black woman" and Ryder says "no, you're a dude"

    7. Robin Hood on Once Upon a Time

    Robin and Regina on "Once Upon a Time."

    8. Walden on Two and a Half Men

    Walden on "Two and a Half Men."

    9. Billy on Who's the Boss?

    Samantha and Mona with Billy on "Who's the Boss?"

    10. Frankie on Community

    Frankie at her desk in "Community."

    11. Dawn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Dawn on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

    12. Monica on Girlfriends

    Monica on a plane in "Girlfriends."

    13. Nellie on The Office

    14. Robby on New Girl

    Robby smiling on "New Girl."

    In case you didn't watch the show, the Season 6 arc the above user is referring to is Jess and Robby dating, then realizing they were actually cousins.

    On New Girl, Jess tells Robby she thinks they're related then lightning flashes and they both scream

    15. April on Gilmore Girls

    16. Kira on Teen Wolf

    Kira on "Teen Wolf."

    17. Dorian on Moesha

    Dorian on "Moesha."

    18. Lila on The Umbrella Academy

    Lila smiling on "The Umbrella Academy."

    19. Lila on Dexter

    20. Randy on That '70s Show

    Randy in a promo shot for "That '70s Show."

    21. Amanda on Revenge

    22. Logan on Gilmore Girls

    Logan on "Gilmore Girls."

    23. Riley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Riley crossing his arms on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

    24. Oliver on The Brady Bunch

    25. Amelia on Grey's Anatomy...

    Amelia on "Grey's Anatomy.'

    26. ...and Maggie on Grey's Anatomy

    Maggie on "Grey's Anatomy."

    27. Billie and Christy on Charmed

    28. Will on Supergirl

    Will on "Supergirl"

    29. And finally, Ivy and Juliet on Gossip Girl

    What other TV character additions do you find annoying, offensive, boring, or just plain bad? Let us know in the comments!