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12 Times Adding A Character To A Show Worked Well And 11 Times It Didn’t

Basically, every character that's added to Stranger Things is a gem.

Every TV show has its core cast.

But a few seasons in, most shows also like to add in a new character or two.

Sometimes this works super well, and other times it falls flat. Here are 12 times character additions worked, and 11 times they didn't!


1. Helped: Hook, Once Upon a Time

2. Hurt: Juliet, Lost

3. Helped: Lila, The Umbrella Academy

4. Hurt: Liv, The Vampire Diaries

5. Helped: Erica, Stranger Things

6. Hurt: All the new characters, Once Upon a Time

7. Helped: Ben and Chris, Parks and Recreation

8. Hurt: Ani from 13 Reasons Why

9. Helped: Kira, Teen Wolf

10. Hurt: Andy, The Office

11. Helped: Caleb, Pretty Little Liars

12. Hurt: Soso, Orange Is the New Black

13. Helped: Gus, Breaking Bad

14. Hurt: Malia, Teen Wolf

15. Helped: Robin, Stranger Things

16. Hurt: Felix, One Tree Hill

Felix tells Anna her skirt is too short

17. Helped: Amanda, Revenge

18. Hurt: Paige, Pretty Little Liars

19. Helped: The Originals, The Vampire Diaries

Klaus yelling at Elijah, Rebekah, Finn, and Kol

20. Hurt: Daario, Game of Thrones

21. Helped: Missandei and Greyworm, Game of Thrones

22. Hurt: The New Directioners, Glee

23. Helped: Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer