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    21 Actors Who Played Teenagers And What They Actually Looked Like At That Age, Because I'm Sick Of The Lies

    Imagine 15-year-old Tom Holland playing Spider-Man.

    We all know Hollywood notoriously casts adults to play teenagers — sometimes, adults who are WAYYY too old. To break the illusion, here are 21 actors playing teens versus how they actually looked as teenagers!

    1. Ben Platt playing 17-year-old Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen at age 27:

    Ben in Dear Evan Hansen

    Ben as an 18-year-old filming Pitch Perfect:

    2. Olivia Newton-John playing 17-year-old Sandy in Grease at age 29:

    Sandy in Grease

    Olivia Newton-John as an actual 17-year-old:

    Olivia in 1966

    3. Stacey Dash playing a 16- or 17-year-old in the Clueless series at age 29:

    Stacey in the show

    Stacey Dash as an 18-year-old:

    Stacey on The Cosby Show

    4. Andrew Garfield playing a 17- or 18-year-old in The Amazing Spider-Man at age 27:

    Andrew as Peter Parker

    5. Andrew Garfield as an 18-year-old:

    6. Naya Rivera playing a 15-year-old on Glee as a 22-year-old:

    Naya as Santana in the show

    Naya Rivera as an actual 15-year-old:

    Naya on "The Bernie Mac Show"

    7. Tom Holland playing 15-year-old Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming at age 20:

    Tom as Peter

    Tom Holland as an actual 15-year-old:

    Tom in The Impossible

    8. Drew Seeley playing a high school senior in Another Cinderella Story at age 26:

    Drew in the film

    Drew Seeley as an actual high schooler:

    9. Kedar Williams-Stirling playing a 16-year-old in Sex Education at age 24:

    Kedar as Jackson in the show

    Kedar Williams-Stirling as a 15-year-old:

    Kedar on a red carpet

    10. John Travolta playing a 17- or 18-year-old in Grease at age 24:

    Travolta as Danny

    John Travolta as a 19-year-old:

    John Travolta on The Rookies

    11. Leonardo DiCaprio playing a 17-year-old in Catch Me if You Can at age 27 or 28:

    Leo in the film

    Leonardo DiCaprio as an actual 17-year-old:

    Leonardo in Growing Pains

    12. Gabrielle Union playing a teenager in Bring It On at age 27:

    Gabrielle in the film

    Gabrielle Union as an actual teenager:

    Gabrielle holding up an old photo of herself

    13. Cole Sprouse playing a 16-year-old on Riverdale at age 24:

    Cole in Riverdale

    Cole Sprouse as an actual 16-year-old:

    Cole on a red carpet

    14. Timothée Chalamet playing a 17-year-old in Call Me by Your Name at age 22:

    Timothée in the film

    Timothée Chalamet as an actual 17-year-old:

    Old YouTube video of Timothée

    15. Harry Shum Jr. playing a teenager on Glee at age 27:

    Harry as Mike

    Harry Shum Jr. as an actual teenager (right):

    Harry Shum Jr. / Via

    16. Asa Butterfield playing a 16-year-old on Sex Education as a 21-year-old:

    Asa as Otis

    Asa Butterfield as an actual 16-year-old:

    Asa on a red carpet

    17. Darren Criss playing a high schooler on Glee at age 23:

    Darren as Blaine

    Darren Criss as an actual high schooler:

    James Corden showing a high school photo of Darren on his show

    18. Greta Onieogou playing a ~16-year-old on All American as a 27-year-old:

    Greta as Layla

    Greta Onieogou as a 15-year-old:

    Greta Onieogou on Degrassi: The Next Generation

    19. Thomas Brodie-Sangster playing a ~16-year-old in The Maze Runner as a 23-year-old:

    Thomas in the film

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster as a 15-year-old:

    Thomas in Nanny McPhee

    20. Saoirse Ronan playing a 17-year-old in Lady Bird as a 22-year-old:

    Saoirse as Lady Bird

    Saoirse Ronan as an actual 16-year-old:

    Saoirse Ronan in Hanna

    21. And finally, Michelle Trachtenberg playing a 16-year-old on Gossip Girl as a 22-year-old:

    Michelle as Georgina

    Michelle Trachtenberg as an actual 16-year-old:

    Michelle as Dawn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Which of these were most surprising? Do you feel better about your teenage self now? Let me know in the comments!