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    18 TV Plot Twists So Bad, Even Superfans Gave Up On The Show

    Still not over Pretty Little Liars.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV plot twists were so bad, they actually caused them to stop liking the entire show altogether. Here are some of the moments and storylines they couldn't stand:

    Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead!!!

    1. First, the entire Gargoyle King storyline on Riverdale.

    "Riverdale" "Breakfast Club" flashback episode
    The CW

    "The whole show took a nosedive and became unwatchable after Season 1. If they had stopped after the first season, it would have been a pretty decent show."


    2. The mother dying and Ted subsequently ending up with Robin on How I Met Your Mother.

    Ted reading to the mother in the hospital and then Ted on the beach with Robin
    CBS / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "I invested all those years just for Ted to end up with Robin because the mother died?! It totally ruined the show for me!"


    3. Dan being revealed as Gossip Girl on Gossip Girl.

    The CW

    "The only plot twist that needs mentioning is Dan being Gossip Girl. What. The. Actual. Fuck?!"


    4. Michael "dying" and then coming back to life with amnesia on Jane the Virgin.

    Jane being shocked by Michael's return
    The CW

    "Bringing him back was just plain disrespectful. I still don't know what happened in the last two seasons of the show; nor do I care."


    5. Daenerys turning into a "Mad Queen" on Game of Thrones.

    Khaleesi looking mean

    "They rushed the entire arc into a few episodes. The occasional foreshadowing didn't counteract the numerous scenes that showed the exact opposite — the same woman who locked up her dragons for killing one child later killed half a city?! I'll never forgive the showrunners for such a shitshow."


    6. Clarke shooting and killing Bellamy over a sketchbook on The 100.

    Bellamy begs Clarke not to shoot him, "You need to keep this safe for the shepherd," Clarke: "Me too," shoots him
    The CW

    "Clarke killed him for no reason, because Madi died later anyway. It was supposed to be a shocking and sad twist, but it was the most anticlimactic and useless death ever. They should at least have made his death mean something."


    7. Poussey dying on Orange Is the New Black.

    Poussey being held down on the floor

    "I understand what they were going for, but I just couldn’t do it anymore."


    8. Fonzie literally jumping the shark on Happy Days.

    Fonzie jumps over shark with water skis

    "It was so ridiculous that 'jump the shark' entered the American lexicon as a phrase to describe the second something went from popular to being a joke."


    9. Matthew getting into a car accident and dying on Downton Abbey.

    Matthew driving right before his death

    "He finally had something good happen with his baby being born, just to be killed off immediately after."


    10. Landon turning out to be a phoenix on Legacies.

    Landon rises from ashes after being killed, Alaric: "You ever heard of the legend of the Phoenix?"
    The CW

    "He was so whiny about not being special. And then we found out he was a Phoenix, but that just means he dies and comes back to life. Lame!"


    11. Also on Legacies, Finch being upset with Josie for not telling her about being a Gemini Coven twin.

    Finch: "There's nothing peaceful about counting the days until you lose someone you love," Josie: "Did you just say...?" Finch: "Not on purpose"
    The CW

    "Josie literally never gets a happy ending. She puts in all this effort, just for her heart to be broken time and time again. I’m just so done with it."


    12. Logan being killed off right after he and Veronica got married on Veronica Mars.

    Logan and Veronica's wedding

    "The entire fandom donated our own money for the movie, then the revival made us retroactively hate the series."


    13. Andrew kidnapping Olivia in order to start a war between the US and West Angola on Scandal.

    Olivia with tape over her mouth

    "They seemed to be running out of ideas."


    14. Luke turning out to have a secret daughter on Gilmore Girls.

    Luke meets April for the first time at the science fair
    Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

    15. Deb's therapist convincing her she was in love with Dexter on Dexter.

    Deb about to kiss Dexter

    "I don’t care if he was adopted, that’s her brother. It ruined one of the greatest shows. I hope they make up for it with the reboot."


    16. Beth's death on The Walking Dead.

    Daryl carrying Beth's body

    "She was turning into such a badass character, and the dynamic between her and Daryl, whatever it was, was so compelling. They could’ve done so much with those two and with Beth rejoining the group, but instead they killed her off in the stupidest way just to have Daryl grieve over another person he lost. Ridiculous."


    17. Bones' pregnancy and rushed relationship with Booth on Bones.

    Bones pregnant in Season 7 premiere

    "For several seasons, we had been wondering 'Will they, won’t they?' and then boom. I know they probably did it because the actor's actual pregnancy was getting hard to hide, but it was so not on brand for either of those characters to just jump into things like that."


    18. And finally, Spencer having a secret, evil British twin on Pretty Little Liars.

    Spencer meets her evil twin

    "First of all, her British accent was horrendous. Plus, it just came out of nowhere!"


    Reminder that I, Kelly Martinez, do not necessarily endorse all of these opinions!!!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.