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What TV Plot Twist Was So Bad, It Made You Give Up On The Show Entirely?

Some things you just can't come back from.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Jane the Virgin"!!!

Some TV plot twists are amazingly well executed. They're surprising enough to shock you, but they also make sense when you look back.

However, sometimes a TV show throws in a plot twist that's just infuriating. Maybe it makes no sense, maybe it ruins your favorite characters for you, or maybe it's just completely ridiculous.

Guzmán in "Elite" season 4

So, we want to know: What plot twist was so bad, it made you want to give up on the TV show entirely?

Maybe the gargoyle king storyline on Riverdale was the final straw for you because it was so ridiculous, and it felt like the show really jumped the shark.

gargoyle king

Perhaps Michael "dying" and then coming back with amnesia on Jane the Virgin completely ruined him and Jane as a couple for you, and it was enough to make you quit the show.

Michael comes back as "Jason"

Or maybe you never even made it to the final big "A" reveal on Pretty Little Liars because you stopped watching after the whole CeCe Drake twist.

CeCe's identity revealed

Tell us about a horrible TV plot twist that made you give up on the show and why you hated it so much. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!