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    I Ranked All The Fashion From The “Gossip Girl” Reboot Season 1 Finale, And I Swear Look Number One Will Leave You Stunned

    I apologize in advance for how many times I scream about coats.

    Heyyyy, Upper East Siders! Welcome to the final installment of snarky comments and hilarious quips about the fashion from Season 1 of the Gossip Girl reboot. It's been a hell of a ride, and I couldn't be happier to have had you by my side through all of it.

    So, for the last time until Season 2, let's dive straight into all the looks from Episodes 11 and 12: "You Can't Take It with Jules" and "Gossip Gone, Girl."

    25. Wendy's school benefit gown:

    Wendy Fineman-Walsh wears a puffy sleeve floral high-neck dress

    24. Kate's city cowgirl look:

    Kate Keller wears high waisted jeans and a light colored button up cardigan

    23. Wendy's sophisticated scheming fit:

    Wendy Fineman-Walsh wears a light colored corduroy jacket over a floral long sleeve shirt under a dark velvet dress

    22. Obie's "rugged and down-to-earth" outfit:

    Obie Bergmann wears a flannel shirt under a corduroy jacket

    21. Donna's paisley dream coat:

    Donna Calloway wears a knee length paisley print jacket

    20. Nick's packing/going to work look:

    Nick Lott wears a button up shirt, dark slacks, and a dark colored tie

    19. Max's sweet toggle coat:

    Max Wolfe wears a knit sweater under a dark colored toggle button coat

    18. Julien's moving day fit:

    Julien Calloway wears a cropped puffy jacket over a plain t-shirt and baggy sweatpants

    17. Shan's streetwear look:

    Shan Barnes wears a long ripped denim skirts, an army print sweatshirt, and a dark colored bomber jacket

    16. Julien's preppy school uniform:

    Julien Callway wears an oversized button up shirt under a dark blazer under a long light colored overcoat

    15. Zoya's cozy apartment hunting fit:

    Zoya Lott wears a tie-dye print pullover sweater under a denim jacket

    14. Julien's suuuuuper casual bar look:

    Julien Calloway wears baggy ripped jeans and a sheer lace body suit tucked into it

    13. Julien's nighttime stroll coat:

    Julien Calloway wears a knit sweater dress under a long dark colored trenchcoat

    12. Heidi's classy fundraiser dress:

    Heidi Bergmann wears a dark long sleeve dress with bedazzled patterns on the shoulders

    11. Luna and Monet's lounging around looks:

    Luna La wears a light colored long sleeve shirt and Monet de Haan wears a high-neck plaid shirt

    10. Shan's punk rock school uniform:

    Shan Barnes wears a dark colored striped sweater dress with rips in it, sheer tights, and combat boots

    9. Zoya's pool day fit:

    Zoya Lott wears a dark bikini top, a dark colored robe, and tie dye print shorts

    8. Luna's floral bathing suit:

    Luna La wears a thin strap floral one piece bathing suit

    7. Luna's sweet stay-at-home fit:

    Luna La wears a floral print knit sweater under a matching cardigan

    6. Monet's revenge planning look:

    Monet de Haan wears a short sleeve Gucci shirt tucked into a high waisted mini shirt and a brightly colored captain's hat

    5. Camille's fiery dress moment:

    Camille de Haan wears a brightly colored off the shoulder dress with a slit up the middle

    4. Monet's rocking red NYE dress:

    A close up of Monet de Haan as she wears a short puffy sleeve mini dress

    3. Luna's lovely lace NYE gown:

    Luna La wears an ankle length long sleeve lace dress with a sheer skirt

    2. Julien's Lady Gaga-esque NYE look:

    Julien Calloway wears a sparkly mini dress with pointy shoulder pads

    1. And finally, Audrey's little black NYE dress:

    Audrey Hope wears a floor length sparkly dress with a slit up one leg

    And the winner for the best fashion from Season 1 is...LUNA LA!!

    Alas, my darlings, our time has come to an end. Thank you so, so much for joining me on this fabulous journey through fashion. Until next time, XOXO!