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She was today-years-old when she found out the truth.

Joshua Moradel • 9 hours ago

As we head for the edge of a climate change cliff, neoliberal market capitalism is chewing up the biosphere and the lives of everyone in it. But it’s not too late to act.

Our current kilogram prototype is kept under a glass cloche in a Parisian basement.

The flu and the common cold are nasty respiratory illnesses with some similar symptoms. Here’s how to tell the difference.

The IPCC report said that if global surface temperatures rise 2 degrees Celsius, “virtually all” coral reefs will be lost.


Health officials are warning consumers about an ongoing, multistate outbreak of drug-resistant salmonella infections linked to raw turkey, just weeks before Thanksgiving.

Congress picked up some winners with science backgrounds on Tuesday night.

The open letter says that any attempt to define gender based on a person’s anatomy at birth or their genes is not grounded in science.

The city is distributing filters to residents and offering free lead tests.

"This is political correctness gone mad by an out of touch government, which is pandering to its knuckle-dragging and right wing philistines," Labor senator Kim Carr said.

This represents another blow to Goop's most controversial product.

Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis conducted studies using psychoactive drugs on “agitated” patients without their consent.

There are a few things wrong with the president’s claim that the US has the “Cleanest Air in the World — BY FAR!”

The child, who had not been vaccinated, tested positive for influenza B. Health officials are urging people to get the seasonal flu vaccine.



I bet you know everything!

The FDA approved the expanded use of Gardasil 9, which protects against many types of HPV that cause cancer, to include adults ages 27 to 45.


We both know you're a genius but do they?

Middle-aged women with a history of sexual assault or harassment have a higher risk of hypertension, insomnia, and depressive symptoms, according to new research.

Warning: This might not be the post for you if you're afraid of bugs!

The order calls for “the best available science.” Critics say it does the opposite.

The federal agency obtained documents related to the marketing of Juul during an inspection at the e-cigarette manufacturer’s headquarters last week.

All of your flu shot questions, answered.

Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou, and Donna Strickland invented optical tweezers and pulsed laser beams. It's been 55 years since a woman won the Physics Nobel.



"Probably still Netflix."

Life expectancy in the US declined from 2015 to 2016 and more young people are dying from overdoses and suicide, according to a new report.

An organ donor had cancer cells in her body that were accidentally transmitted to four transplant recipients. Three died from the disease.

Thousands of children go to the ER each year with head and neck injuries related to baby walkers, usually after falling down stairs.

In a freak accident, Xavier Cunningham fell out of a treehouse face-first onto a meat skewer. Somewhat miraculously, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Health officials are concerned about more serious respiratory viruses, such as MERS-CoV, and quarantined the planes as a cautionary measure.

This is no good at all.

The FDA sent warnings to 1,300 retailers and demanded that five manufacturers of e-cigarettes, including Juul Labs, prove they can curb youth use.

More Australians are turning towards renewables and believe climate change needs to be addressed.

There is still a lack of consensus over the relationship between delayed gratification and future success.

But it's no reason to stop taking your meds.

Black hairy tongue is a real condition, and fortunately, it’s reversible. Here’s what you need to know.

About 15% of the population is way more hypnotisable than everybody else.

The new Netflix docuseries Follow This focuses one episode on the controversial fight to open the first “safe injection site” in the US.

Dozens of passengers on an Emirates airline flight reported having fevers and coughing, and at least 10 were taken to the hospital after the plane landed.

There's a big interesting history behind these tests.

This is a really important and tricky thing to gauge.


Are we sure that fifth graders know the answers to these?

Here is all the evidence you need that women in STEM are the greatest.

This could have huge implications for social psychology.

The outbreak has affected people in four states. It’s linked to raw chicken from Empire Kosher Poultry brand.

"There will be no new cats. Once your cat dies you won't be able to replace them."

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