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Tell Us What You Want To Understand About Climate Science, And We'll Ask An Expert

Ask anything from how humans contribute to global warming to why your allergies are getting worse.

Hey, you. You've heard talk about climate change online and in the news. But maybe you've got your own questions that you want to be answered — and by an actual, educated climate scientist, not your dad's friend or a talk show host.

So we're asking you: What questions do you want to ask (and have answered by) a climate scientist?

Maybe global warming is just generally accepted as a Thing(TM), but you don't know quite what it means, how it's affecting the planet, or how humans are causing it.

Or you've noticed the more frequent, wild weather phenomena we've been experiencing (from wildfires to polar vortexes and hurricanes), and you want to know if that has anything to do with climate change.

And have your allergies gotten worse? How do rising temperatures cause longer pollen seasons?

Also, what kind of future are we looking at, worst-case scenario? Can future technology save us?

Of course, you might be curious — are there sustainability practices that you can follow?

Whatever your questions are surrounding climate change, please ask away in the comments below!

We'll get them answered by a climate scientist, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!