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    28 Extremely Disturbing Teeth-Related Facts That Might Just Chill You To The Bone

    The dental drill was invented wayyy before the wheel!

    1. In America, brushing one's teeth every day wasn't commonplace until after World War II.

    2. Throughout history, poor people have sold their teeth for money.

    3. Dentures were also sometimes made from the teeth of fallen soldiers.

    4. The ancient Romans whitened their teeth using stale urine.

    5. In babies, adult teeth are kept below the eyes and in the chin, which is frankly nightmarish.

    6. George Washington may have worn dentures made from the teeth of his slaves.

    7. There's a statue in Mexico called the "Lord of Patience", which is fitted with real human teeth.

    8. Humans didn't struggle with the issue of crooked teeth until agriculture came into existence.

    9. The oldest known filling in the world is 6,500 years old and is made of beeswax.

    10. Wayyy before humans came up with writing systems, or even the wheel, they would drill rotten teeth to correct tooth decay.

    11. During the American Civil War, soldiers needed to have at least four opposing front teeth so they could tear open a gunpowder pouch on the battlefield.

    12. In The Hangover, no effects or prosthetics were used for Stu's missing tooth – Ed Helms actually has a fake incisor which he took out for filming.

    13. During an expedition to Antarctica in July 1911, explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard's teeth chattered so violently that they actually shattered.

    14. We produce excess saliva before vomiting to help protect our teeth from the acid in our stomach.

    15. World-famous author Roald Dahl had all of his teeth removed at 21 years old because he thought they were more trouble than they were worth.

    16. Sharks grow their teeth back over and over again.

    17. Naked mole rats can move their incisors (front teeth) independently, kinda like chopsticks.

    18. Cats need taurine in their diet or else they may lose their teeth, fur, and eyesight.

    19. Dentists can tell whether you've recently given a blowjob.

    20. A tooth that has been knocked out can sometimes be saved if it is jammed back into the empty socket immediately.

    21. Sometimes, expeditioners to Antarctica have to have their wisdom teeth removed preemptively.

    22. The human body can grow more than 200 "extra" teeth thanks to a tumour know as an odontoma.

    23. In centuries gone by, people relied on barbers, blacksmiths, and wig makers for their dentistry needs – and their methods were pretty extreme!

    24. Early attempts at creating toothpaste included ingredients such as crushed bones, eggshells, and ashes.

    25. Dental plaque is made up of around 200-300 different species of bacteria.

    26. The amount of fluoride in a tube of toothpaste can actually be fatal to children.

    27. Mayans would bejewel their teeth using early drills.

    28. And finally, a cure for toothache in Medieval Germany was to kiss a donkey.

    Which one of these wild teeth-related facts surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!