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Hasan Minhaj

Gold House's A100 List Highlights 100 People Who Define Asian Excellence, And We're So Here For It

"My differences actually make me powerful and give me a unique perspective that needs to be heard."

20 Awesome Celebrity #TBT Photos You Might Have Missed This Week

A Hilary Duff baby photo kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

Netflix Pulled An Episode Of Hasan Minhaj's Show In Saudi Arabia

The streaming company said it "received a valid legal request" and complied to be in line with local law by dropping the episode of Patriot Act. Critics say Netflix is kowtowing to an attack on freedom of speech.


React To These Jokes And We'll Give You A Stand-Up Special To Watch On Netflix

I’ve just written a song about tortillas — actually, it’s more of a rap.

8 Hasan Minhaj Jokes That NAIL Indian Family Dynamics

"I bet when Gandhi told his parents he wanted to stand up to the British, even they were like, "Arey Mohandas, log kya kahenge?""

Here Are The 10 Best Jokes Trump Missed At The White House Correspondents' Dinner

President Trump didn't show for the journalists' gathering Saturday, but that didn't mean he was off limits for The Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj.

“The Daily Show” Did This Spot-On Segment About Americans Confusing Sikhs And Muslims

"It's just not an option for us to throw another community under the bus."

Celebrities Offer Their Suggestions For A "Magic Mike" Sequel

At the MTV Movie Awards, Magic Mike was a serious awards contender. We asked some of the celebrities on the red carpet if they'd consider joining the cast for the inevitable sequel.

Poodles Vs. Ferrets: Celebrities Weigh In

Would you be disappointed if your pet poodle turned out to be a ferret on steroids? We asked these celebrities on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards.

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