Here Are 40 More "Elf On The Shelf" Jokes Made By Famous People

    "Oprah on a Chopra"

    By now, you've probably heard of the Elf on the Shelf...or the Garcelle on a Pharrell...maybe even the Grease on a Reese.

    Well, Hollywood is still at it, folks. This "Elf on the Shelf" meme isn't ending anytime soon, just take a look:

    1. Joe Jonas's Po on a Joe:

    2. Sophie Turner's Costanza on a Sansa:

    3. Tracee Ellis Ross's The Boss on a Ross:

    4. Cara Delevingne's The Queen on a Delevingne:

    5. Priyanka Chopra's Oprah on a Chopra:

    6. Kevin Jonas's Karen on a Kevin:

    7. And Kevin's Eleven on a Kevin:

    8. Sterling K. Brown's The Crown on a Brown:

    9. Jimmy Fallon's Timmy on a Jimmy:

    10. Melissa McCarthy's Chrissy on a Sissy on a Missy:

    11. Hasan Minhaj's Minaj on a Minhaj:

    12. Elle Fanning's Channing on a Fanning:

    13. And Elle's The Hateful Eight on a Catherine the Great:

    14. Dakota Fanning's Ray Liotta on a Dakota:

    15. Kerry Washington's Pope on a Knope:

    16. Nicole Kidman's Mick on a Nic:

    17. Natalie Portman's Kat on a Nat:

    18. Jessica Biel's Wes on a Jess:

    19. Betty Who's Boo on a Who:

    20. Sean Hayes' Prawn on a Sean:

    21. America Ferrera's Erykah on America:

    22. Melissa Joan Hart's Hart on a Hart:

    23. Katharine McPhee Foster's Ice-T on a McPhee:

    24. Susan Kelechi Watson's Drew on a Su:

    25. Glennon Doyle's Royals on a Doyle:

    26. Amy Schumer's Rumer on a Schumer:

    27. And Amy's Schum on a Klum:

    28. Chrissy Metz's Missy on a Chrissy:

    29. Kristin Chenoweth's Leno on a Cheno:

    30. Candace Cameron Bure's Lecrae on a Bure:

    31. Andrea Barber's Garber on a Barber:

    32. Marla Sokoloff's Hasselhoff on a Sokoloff:

    33. Zoe Saldana's Bowie on a Zoe:

    34. Ethan Hawke's Falk on a Hawke:

    35. Michelle Branch's Blanche on a Branch:

    36. Josh Gad's Bosch on a Josh:

    37. Nikki Bella's The Big Fella on a Bella:

    38. Billy Ray Cyrus's Willie on a Billy:

    39. Chris Carmack's Pink on a Link:

    40. Finally, Misha Collins' Aisha on a Misha: