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17 Times Ellen Made Her Guests Feel Embarrassed, Uncomfortable, Or A Combo Of Both can you correct someone on how to pronounce their own name???

1. When Ellen asked about her invite to Dakota Johnson's birthday party and Dakota informed her that she did, in fact, extend an invitation:

Dakota Johnson appearing on The Ellen Show

2. When Ellen asked Celine Dion when she was going to cut her son's hair, and Celine questioned whether or not it was, in fact, any of Ellen's business:

Celine Dion appearing on The Ellen Show

3. When Ellen sent Justin Timberlake a clip of her singing his song, but she, in fact, sang the wrong lyrics:

Justin Timberlake appearing on The Ellen Show

4. When Ellen kept insisting that Taylor Swift was dating Zac Efron, when, in fact, they weren't dating and have never dated:

Taylor Swift appearing on The Ellen Show

5. When Ellen mispronounced Hasan Minhaj's name and then insisted that he was the one saying it wrong, when, in fact, in fact, Hasan knows how to pronounce his own name:

Hasan Minhaj appearing on The Ellen Show

6. When Ellen forgot that Katy Perry was married even though Ellen did, in fact, give her a wedding gift:

Katy Perry appearing on The Ellen Show

7. When Ellen shared nude pictures of Justin Bieber from his private vacation and then grilled him about the woman he was with, even though he was, in fact, quite uncomfortable:

Justin Bieber appearing on The Ellen Show and saying "Stop, you're making me blush dude"

8. When Ellen took Michelle Obama to CVS and caused a ruckus, which resulted in Michelle telling Ellen that she was, in fact, being "annoying":

Michelle Obama checking out at CVS with the caption "It's like taking a three year-old to the store"

9. When Ellen — either purposefully or not — mis-sang "If I Could Turn Back Time" in the presence of Cher, and Cher did — either jokingly or not — in fact, call her a "bitch":

Cher and Ellen doing hair in Drybar

10. When Ellen condescendingly asked Martha Stewart if she knew what sexting was, and Martha informed her that she did, in fact, know what sexting was:

Martha Stewart appearing on The Ellen Show and saying "I have used technology for a lot longer than you have, Ellen"

11. When Ellen tried to deny that she went on tour for her comedy special, and Wanda Sykes produced the tour merch she was gifted, proving that Ellen did, in fact, go on tour:

Wanda Sykes appearing on The Ellen Show and holding up a tour T shirt

12. When Ellen offered to pay for a guest's college tuition and then had to rescind the offer. Ellen then offered her a computer, but the guest, in fact, already possessed a computer:

Ellen rescinding tuition from a guest / superfan on her show

13. When Ellen kept playing with/touching Kylie Jenner's hair, even though Kylie didn't, in fact, give Ellen permission to touch her hair:

Kris and Kylie Jenner appearing on The Ellen Show

14. When Ellen then made a joke about Drew Barrymore's daughter drinking at the age of 6, when, in fact, Drew herself began drinking at the age of 9 and is very open about her battle with addiction:

Drew Barrymore appearing on The Ellen Show

15. When Ellen forced Mariah Carey to reveal that she was pregnant on her show when, in fact, she was not ready to make that announcement. Several weeks later, Mariah had a miscarriage:

Mariah Carey appearing on The Ellen Show

16. When Ellen made Channing Tatum kiss a porcelain doll, even though he is, in fact, quite afraid of them:

 Channing Tatum appearing on The Ellen Show

17. Lastly, when Ellen critiqued Nicole Kidman's infamous clap, when Nicole stated that she doesn't, in fact, clap like that:

Nicole Kidman appearing on The Ellen Show