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21 Bookstores And Libraries In Asia That Book Lovers Must See Before They Die

Kiss your TBR pile goodbye, because we're heading to Asia.

This Artist Created A Postpartum Depression Graphic Novel To Illustrate How Heartbreaking It Really Can Be

Teresa Wong's Dear Scarlet is an intimate and moving graphic memoir.


9 Things To Know Before You Read "The Adventure Zone: Murder On The Rockport Limited"

The McElroys and illustrator Carey Pietsch discuss the second graphic novel in the series based on The Adventure Zone podcast.

26 Books You Should Read On Your Next Vacation

Leave lots of room in your carry-on for these.


5 Books We Couldn't Put Down In June

Some of our recent favorites, as reviewed in the BuzzFeed Books newsletter.


12 Books By (And About) Lesbians And Bisexual Women To Read This Pride Month

Invite queer women from different decades to hang out with you from this mix of older and modern classics.


YA Twitter Can Be Toxic, But It Also Points Out Real Problems

When critics on social media “cancel” a YA writer or book, it’s really about ongoing frustrations with an overwhelmingly white publishing industry.


Kathleen Hale Came For Her Goodreads Critic. Then The Internet Came For Her.

Five years ago, Kathleen Hale wrote an essay for the Guardian — about targeting a Goodreads reviewer — that nearly ended her career. Now, she’s back with a new book that some people say never should have been published.


Here Are 10 Iconic Author's Signatures – How Many Can You Guess?

If you don't get enough right, you're not allowed to read again.

Going Through Menopause Changed The Way I Think About Gender

I've experienced menopause as a kind of "ungendering." The transition has been disorienting, thrilling, and freeing. (An excerpt from Flash Count Diary.)


It's Time To Find Out Which Extremely Obscure "Harry Potter" Character You Are

Because niche characters deserve the spotlight too.

17 Literary Tweets That Will Make You Cackle

"If I die, spread my ashes where they filmed the Twilight baseball scene."

Get Your Mockingjay Pin Ready, Because We're Getting A "Hunger Games" Prequel Novel Next Year

And there's a theory that the main character could be our girl Mags!


If You Did At Least 29 Of These 45 Things You Were A Very '90s Disney Kid

A check list for anyone that who still jams out to "Hakuna Matata" and "I-2-I."

I Said Goodbye To My Grandfather When My Family Left Peru — But This Blanket Keeps Him Close To Me

When I was born, my grandfather gave me an alpaca blanket to keep de por vida. Nearly 40 years later, it’s one of the only things connecting me to the man who was, in many ways, my first father.


Can We Guess Which "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" Character You Are From What You Eat In A Day?

“Go on with what your heart tells you, or you will lose all.”

I Bet You Had No Idea These "Big Little Lies" Things Were Different In The Book

For starters, the whole thing takes place in Australia.

4 Books We Couldn't Put Down Last Month

Some of our recent favorites, as reviewed in the BuzzFeed Books newsletter.


Elizabeth Gilbert Isn’t Afraid To Show Her Scars

The Eat, Pray, Love author talks about her new novel City of Girls, women’s desire, and life after loss.

The Author Of One Of The Best Fantasies Of 2019 Walks Us Through Their Writing Space

"My dog interrupts my workflow a few times a day to demand a trip outside, which is good because it reminds me about things like 'other people' and 'the sky' and 'things that aren't work,' or whatever."

29 Summer Books To Get Excited About

A love triangle involving a student, her professor, and her mother; a poetic meditation on the Chicago race riots of 1919; a fable of a girl born with a torso twisted into a knot — and much more.


What % Voldemort Are You?

"Voldemort is my past, present and future."

21 Libraries That Will Make You Say "Damn, That Is CLEVER"

Librarians: They're smarter than all of us.


Should You Date Peeta Or Gale From "The Hunger Games"?

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Here’s Why Authors All Tweet An Ugly Screenshot From The Same Websites

Hard-to-read screenshots of paywalled book industry websites dominate Literary Twitter.

17 Page-Turners You'll Be Obsessed With This Summer

As recommended by Goodreads users.

Fans Are Reacting To Judith Kerr's Death By Sharing Memories Of Reading Her Beloved Children's Books

"She was a legendary author and illustrator, whose stories and illustrations gave pleasure to millions around the world."

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