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    21 Bookish Products That Every Reader Will Obsess Over

    If you identify as a certified book lover, then these bookish products definitely have your name on them — some literally.

    1. This reading journal is great for readers who aspire to be more organized. It’s perfect for jotting down personal reflections, quick notes, and reviews about the books that leave you speechless.

    2. A unique, handmade bookmark that features your name or any significant word of your choice on it.

    3. An everyday, remarkable tote bag with an important reminder to read with intention.

    tote bag reads "amplify Black literature"

    4. A convenient reading light for when the book is too good to put down and worth sacrificing a few hours of sleep.

    5. This soft crew neck — proof that there is an additional love language...books!

    "books are my love langauge"

    6. Cozy socks to remind you of the never-ending TBR pile that taunts you at odd hours of the day? Um, yes!

    "read banned books"

    7. A monthly subscription box that highlights and supports Black authors and entrepreneurs. Passion, love, and the call for representation are what make a BlackLit box a must-have.

    shirts, books, and pins in the box

    8. A personalized book with carefully folded pages to create your name — or anything you'd want it to say.

    pages folded to spell out sarah

    9. This symbolic candle is perfect for the book lover that thrives in a good-smelling space. They'll fall head-over-heels for a scent inspired by their favorite writer.

    10. An irresistible book box featuring a New York Times best seller and other goodies.

    11. This acrylic keychain will resonate deeply with the committed reader who always stumbles upon the perfect page-turner.

    12. This modernized bookmark that resembles a quill feather pen is too stunning not to have. The design is beautiful enough to motivate you to grab a book just to use it.

    13. The Kindle Paperwhite is ideal for readers who desire a convenient way to read e-books. The size is great for traveling and it beats carrying several physical books at once.

    14. These heart-shaped magnetic bookmarks are for readers who despise folding the corners of book pages and prefer a not-so-typical bookmark.

    15. A mug warmer for your coffee or tea because a nice, warm beverage enhances the reading experience.

    16. A literary tote so you can show your alliance with banned books. With book bannings being a relevant topic in the literary sector, this tote is sure to be a conversation starter.

    17. A helpful annotating kit to enhance your reading experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this annotating kit has all you need to successfully annotate your next read.

    18. A unique library card coaster that brings a hint of vintage decor to your space.

    19. A cozy blanket to bundle up with while reading a cozy book.

    20. A beautiful embroidered book sleeve that'll protect your books from bent pages and unforeseen damage while on the go.

    21. A one-of-a-kind set of bookends with hand-drawn artwork that contains quotes by iconic women.

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