24 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets About "Daisy Jones & The Six" That'll Change How You Watch The Series

    Apparently Sam Claflin "butchered" his vocal audition, but Taylor Jenkins Reid loved his acting so much that she cast him anyway and figured they'd deal with his singing later.

    1. In the series and on the soundtrack, the cast are actually the ones playing their instruments and singing. Prior to shooting, they had to participate in "band camp" where they spent six months getting music lessons, rehearsing the series' songs, bonding as a band, and basically learning how to be rockstars.

    2. Because neither of them had done any professional singing before, Riley Keough and Sam Claflin were extremely anxious when they realized they needed to record an album. Production even considered having them lipsync to "stunt singers," but that just motivated them even more to do it all themselves.

    3. Riley even said that in her audition she initially lied about being able to sing. She told Variety, "I think I blacked out on that meeting. I don't really remember what happened. And then I auditioned like everybody else, and lied to them and told them l could sing."

    4. When building the character of Daisy Jones, Riley researched fan art and used that as inspiration to create Daisy's signature look, specifically, she noticed the art always portrayed the singer with bangs and hoop earrings.

    5. Before filming even started, the cast had to perform an intimate concert as Daisy Jones and The Six to prove that they could realistically play a rock band.

    6. Riley, Camila Morrone, and Will Harrison were already cast as Daisy, Camila, and Graham before Sam even came onto the project. So, at that point in the casting process, the perfect Billy Dunne needed to have chemistry with all three of these actors.

    7. Taylor said that she watched Sam's acting audition and knew he'd be the perfect Billy Dunne — she didn't even care if he could sing or not.

    8. In order to play Billy Dunne, Sam Claflin had to learn to play guitar, learn to sing, lose weight, perfect his American accent, grow his hair, and shave his chest.

    9. Josh Whitehouse revealed that he had about 10 auditions before getting cast as Eddie Rountree.

    10. Will originally auditioned to play Eddie, and Riley, who was on the Zoom call at the time, suggested that he play Graham instead.

    11. In her audition for Karen Sirko, Suki Waterhouse played "Light My Fire" by The Doors.

    12. Daisy Jones & The Six's author Taylor Jenkins Reid was originally inspired by the bands The Civil Wars and Fleetwood Mac when coming up with the concept of the book.

    13. In the book, the documentary takes place 40 years after the band broke up. The series originally intended to keep this time jump, but after testing heavy prosthetics to no avail, they did a 20-year jump using "subtle" aging makeup instead.

    14. However, in addition to the "subtle" aging makeup, Sebastian Chacon, who plays Warren, wears a prosthetic chin in his flash forward.

    15. In Episode 2, Daisy (Riley Keough, aka Elvis Presley's granddaughter) wears a patterned guitar strap that is identical to the one Elvis wore during the '68 Comeback Special.

    16. The first time Suki and Will met was at their chemistry read, and to break the ice Suki asked Will to piggyback her down the hall.

    17. Denise Windgate, the head of wardrobe, handmade Daisy's "Navajo blanket jacket" after Riley had sent her a photo of Cher wearing one in the '70s.

    18. One of the bracelets Daisy wears on the show is a handmade replica of one that Stevie Nicks wore in the '70s.

    19. Camila created a playlist that would help her get into character and her go-to "sad song" was The Mamas & the Papas' "Dream A Little Dream of Me."

    20. While filming the scene in Episode 6, where the band is doing their album cover photo shoot, it was actually snowing and hailing in real life. The cast was all freezing and the production's tents kept blowing away.

    21. Riley's husband Ben Smith-Peterson actually makes a cameo in Episode 2, as one of Daisy's hookups.

    22. Music titans like Phoebe Bridgers, Marcus Mumford, Jackson Browne, and more collaborated with Blake Mills on the songs the band sings in the series.

    23. And now Daisy Jones & The Six is the first fictional band ever to top the iTunes charts with the release of their album Aurora.

    24. And finally, the song "Regret Me" is based on Fleetwood Mac's "Silver Springs."