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100 TV Moments From 2020 That We're Still Talking About

"As someone who tried really hard to be someone I couldn't."

🚨Warning: This post is literally all MASSIVE spoilers! And there are mentions of sexual assault.🚨

1. First, on The Mandalorian, when Mando and Baby Yoda met up with Ahsoka Tano, and she revealed that Baby Yoda's name is Grogu.

Ahsoka telling Mando, "In a way. Grogu and I can feel each other's thoughts"

2. Also on The Mandalorian, when Mando reunited with Grogu before Luke freakin' Skywalker showed up and took Grogu so he could train him.

Grogu touching Mando's face without his helmet and Luke holding Grogu

3. On The Queen's Gambit, when Beth finally beat Borgov in Russia during the series finale.

Beth playing Borgov in the final match

4. On I May Destroy You, when Arabella revealed to Terry that she dedicated her new book to her.

Terry reading the dedication in the book and hugging Arabella

5. On Schitt's Creek, when Alexis and Ted heartbreakingly decided to split, but not before saying that they loved each other.

Alexis and Ted saying that they are proud of each other

6. And on Schitt's Creek, when Twyla shockingly revealed to Alexis that she's actually a multimillionaire.

Twyla telling Alexis that she won $92 million

7. On Schitt's Creek, when Stevie assured David that he could be happy if he stayed in Schitt's Creek.

Stevie telling David that he's "won" and he doesn't need to go to New York City and see his old friends

8. And on the Schitt's Creek series finale, when Patrick and David adorably got married.

David saying his vows to Patrick

9. On Sex Education, when Maeve and the rest of the girls accompanied Aimee on the bus.

Maeve telling Aimee that they are all getting on the bus

10. On Euphoria, when Rue said how she wanted her sister and mom to remember her after she was gone.

Ali asks Rue a question about how she wants to remembered as she cries

11. On The Good Place series finale, when Chidi and Eleanor spent one last night together before Chidi left the Good Place.

Chidi explaining that a wave is only the way for water to be for a moment, but then it changes

12. And on The Good Place, when Michael uttered this truly iconic final line while he was on Earth.

Michael telling a deliver guy to "Take it sleazy"

13. On The Haunting of Bly Manor, when Hannah figured out that she was actually dead, so she repeated everything about herself so she wouldn't forget.

Owen telling Hannah that memories fade, then Hanna repeating where she is, what year it is, and how old Miles and Flora are

14. Also on The Haunting of Bly Manor, when Jamie swam to the bottom of the lake and found Dani.

The narrator saying that Jamie begged Dani to take her, but Dani didn't

15. On Normal People, when Connell told Marianne that he would never feel the same way about anyone else.

Connell telling Marianne that he will always love her

16. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Rosa brilliantly won the Halloween heist and became the ultimate human/genius.

Rosa explaining that she won the Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter heists

17. Also on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Amy gave birth to her and Jake's son and Jake said he was proud of her.

Jake telling Amy that he's super proud of her and Amy saying she's happy their son has Jake as a dad

18. On the Criminal Minds series finale, when Penelope delivered a heartwarming speech about working with everyone.

Garcia telling everyone that they hold a really special place in her heart

19. On Dead to Me, when Jen begged Judy to hit her, but Judy started crying and Jen comforted her.

Judy screaming for Jen to stop it, then Jen getting in the car and hugging Judy

20. Also on Dead to Me, when Season 2 ended with Judy and Jen getting into a car accident.

Judy telling Jen to wake up and then Judy telling Jen what happened

21. On the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series finale, when Jemma and Fitz finally reunited, and then reunited with their adorable daughter.

Jemma hugging Alya and Alya saying it didn't feel like that long, but Jemma saying it "felt like forever"

22. On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 30th anniversary reunion special, when Will Smith and Janet Hubert had a conversation about their feud and were able to reconcile.

23. On Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith read Alex's goodbye letter and learned that he left Seattle and is back with Izzie.

Meredith reading that during her trial Alex called Izzie and they reconnected

24. And on Grey's Anatomy, when Jo read Alex's goodbye letter and it revealed that he's still in love with Izzie.

Jo crying while reading Alex's letter

25. On Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith and Derek reunited in a beach dream sequence while Meredith was unconscious due to having COVID-19.

Meredith telling Derek, "I miss you" and Derek saying, "I know"

26. And on Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith reunited with George on the beach and she finally got to tell him that he changed her life.

Meredith telling George, You changed my life, George. I didn't say it then, but it's true"

27. On This Is Us, when Randall and Kevin got into a huge fight and Kevin said the worst day of his life was when Jack and Rebecca brought Randall home.

Kevin saying he used to think the worst day of his life was when Jack died, but it's actually when they brought Randall home

28. And on This Is Us, when Randall explained to Kate that he's been masking his pain about racism and police brutality for years because they never really talked.

Randall saying he's tired of trying to make Kate feel more comfortable when they talk about race

29. On The Umbrella Academy, when Ben asked Vanya to hug him before he disappeared.

Ben asking Vanya, "Can you hug me as I go?"

30. On the How to Get Away With Murder series finale, when Frank and Bonnie were tragically killed in a shooting outside the courthouse.

Annalise begging for Bonnie to wake up while she dies in her arms

31. On 13 Reasons Why, when Justin died surrounded by Clay and Clay's parents after he was diagnosed with HIV-1 and it had progressed to AIDS.

Clay telling Justin, "Thank you for saving my life" and that he loves him and then Justin asking if Clay would hold his hand

32. On Never Have I Ever, when Devi arrived at the beach and apologized to her mom before they scattered her dad's ashes.

Devi's mom saying that she loves her and "You're my only child. You'e my whole family"

33. On Insecure, when Condola revealed to Lawrence that she's pregnant, and Lawrence telling Issa that it happened before they got back together.

Lawrence telling Issa, "It was before me and you, and before I found out about the job"

34. On the Arrow series finale, when Oliver and Felicity reunited in a paradise dimension, which resembled where Oliver first saw Felicity.

Oliver and Felicity kissing, then Oliver saying he can't wait to tell Felicity everything because they have "all the time in the world"

35. On Lucifer, when Chloe decided to be vulnerable around Lucifer and they shared a kiss.

Chloe saying that she chooses to be vulnerable around Lucifer, considering he does it

36. And on Lucifer, when God showed up to stop a fight between Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, and Michael.

God saying, "That's enough. Children, you know I hate it when you fight"

37. On Money Heist/La Casa de Papel, when everyone mourned Nairobi after she was killed.

Everyone sobbing as Nairobi's body is carried out of the bank

38. On Wynonna Earp, when Wynonna was finally reunited with Peacemaker.

Wynonna saying that she's a hero and then being reunited with Peacemaker

39. And on Wynonna Earp, when Waverly adorably proposed to Nicole again.

Waverly asking Nicole to marry her and Nicole saying yes

40. On I Am Not Okay With This, when Syd accidentally exploded Brad's head with her powers.

Brad about to say that Syd has powers and then Brad's head exploding and everyone being covered in his blood

41. On the Modern Family series finale, when Cam thanked the entire family for welcoming him.

Cam saying thank you to everyone for making him part of the family

42. On Julie and the Phantoms, when Julie visited Luke's parents and gave them his song "Unsaid Emily."

Julie telling Luke's parents, "I think your son may have written this song for you" and Luke watches

43. On Supernatural, when Cas confessed his feelings for Dean right before he died to save him.

Cas telling Dean that he changed him and that he loves him

44. And on the Supernatural series finale, when Sam and Dean reunited in heaven after Dean died and Sam lived a full life.

Sam and Dean hugging

45. On Killing Eve, when Villanelle told Eve to turn around, walk away, and never look back, but they both couldn't do it.

Eve not wanting to turn around and leave Villanelle, but then doing it and finding out that Villanelle couldn't do it either

46. On Legacies, when Alaric, Lizzie, and Josie were trapped in the prison world with Kai.

Kai explaining to Josie that once the sand clock breaks she'll be hit with a ton of black magic

47. On Little Fires Everywhere, when Mia explained to Elena that she had options given to her because she was rich and white.

Mia telling Elena that she made this about race when Elena asked her to "be her maid"

48. And on the Little Fires Everywhere series finale, when Elena said that she never wanted Izzy and that's what caused Lexie, Moody, and Trip to set the house on fire.

Izzy telling Elena that Mia is the only person who ever understood her

49. On Elite, when Lu gave this amazing testimony after Polo's death.

Lu saying that she and her friends have been through a lot and they will always be there for each other

50. On Lovecraft Country, when Leti smashed a bunch of cars that belonged to her white neighbors who didn't approve of her moving to the neighborhood.

Leti smashing cars with a baseball bat

51. And on Lovecraft Country, when Ruby transformed back into herself and took care of her racist boss.

Ruby transforming from a white woman back into herself

52. Also on Lovecraft Country, when Ji-Ah told Tic that she first met him when he murdered her best friend.

Ji-Ah telling Tic that they've both done "monstrous" things but that "does not make us monsters"

53. On The Undoing series finale, when we found out that Jonathan actually did kill Elena.

Jonathan killing Elena and then Jonathan telling Henry that the person who killed Elena wasn't "the real me"

54. On Love, Victor, when Victor traveled to New York City and hung out with Bram and Simon.

Simon telling Victor that the best part of being gay is finding a community

55. On The 100, when Clarke shockingly killed Bellamy after he wanted Madi and her sketchbook.

Clarke shooting and killing Bellamy

56. And on The 100 series finale, when Clarke reunited with a version of Lexa.

Lexa saying, "I'm not her, Clarke" while hugging Clarke

57. On The Boys, when it was revealed that Stormfront has been alive for years and was married to Frederick Vought.

Stormfront telling Homelander that she got the first successful V injection

58. And on The Boys, when Ryan accidentally killed Becca while using his powers.

Becca telling Butcher that he needs to take care of Ryan no matter what

59. Also on The Boys, when it was revealed that Victoria was the Supe behind the exploding heads.

Victoria blowing up Alastair Adana's head

60. On The Crown, when Princess Diana and Prince Charles argued and Prince Charles revealed that Camilla is who he wants to be with.

Charles telling Diana that he cares about Camilla all the time

61. On Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, when everyone performed "American Pie" at Mitch's funeral.

62. On The Flight Attendant, when Buckley — aka Felix — followed Cassie to Italy and almost killed her, until Shane came to her rescue.

Shane shooting Buckley and Cassie looking shocked

63. On Fuller House, when Uncle Jesse explained where Aunt Becky was.

Jesse saying that Becky is in Nebraska helping her mother and he doesn't want to bother her

64. On Better Call Saul, after Jimmy assured Kim that Lalo was taken care of, Kim wanted to continue torturing Howard. Kim finally had her Breaking Bad–like moment.

Jimmy telling Kim that doing this isn't her and that she wouldn't be okay with it, and Kim saying, "Wouldn't I?"

65. On Good Girls, when Rio revealed to Beth that he's still alive and she didn't actually kill him.

Rio telling Beth, "I think you might need that drink, huh?"

66. On the Cable Girls/Las Chicas del Cable series finale, when the girls said how much they loved each other while they were hiding.

Lidia saying that she's proud to call them her friends and Oscar saying that the girls are like his family

67. On On My Block, when the series flashed forward and we learned that Monsé, César, Ruby, and Jamal don't really hang out anymore, and César had joined the Santos.

César with a shaved head and a Santos tattoo

68. On Outer Banks, when John B. and Sarah Cameron made it to the Bahamas, but Kie, Poe, and J.J. thought they died in the storm.

Kie crying in Pope's arms and John B and Sarah looking relieved after seeing a boat

69. On Big Sky, when Cassie shot Legarski after finally tracking down where he was holding Danielle, Grace, and Jerrie.

Legarski counting down to five before coming after Cassie, but Cassie shoots him before he gets to five

70. On Black-ish, when Bo explained to Junior what it was like working in the hospital and dealing with COVID-19 patients.

Bo telling Junior that she's terrified and just because he and Olivia are being safe, doesn't mean he should see her

71. On The Bold Type, when Sutton told Richard that she realized she doesn't want children.

Sutton telling Richard that her miscarriage made her realize that she doesn't want children

72. On Chicago P.D., when Kim heartbreakingly lost her baby after she was attacked while trying to save a young girl.

Ruzek picking up Kim while she cries in a bathtub

73. On Cursed, when Nimue rose from a lake and killed a bunch of Red Paladins.

Nimue fighting with her sword

74. On Defending Jacob, when Laurie was speeding in her car and begging Jacob to tell her what really happened.

Laurie yelling that she needs to know the truth and she can't "do it anymore"

75. On Doctor Who, when the 13th Doctor uncovered a TARDIS and we learned that Ruth is actually The Doctor — this marks the first Black Doctor in the history of the series.

Ruth telling the 13th Doctor, "That's my ship. Let me take it from the top. Hello, I'm The Doctor"

76. On the Homeland series finale, when Carrie sent a secret message to Saul in her new book.

Saul reading a note from Carrie that says a new missile can be defeated and he should "stay tuned"

77. On The Baby-Sitters Club, when Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, Mary Anne, and Dawn asked their friends at camp to join the Baby-Sitters Club.

78. On Legends of Tomorrow, when Ray bid a heartbreaking goodbye to Nate before he left the Waverider.

Ray and Nate saying that they love each other

79. On Motherland: Fort Salem, when Tally shockingly sacrificed her youth to save General Alder, while Abigail and Raelle were tragically left behind at the end of the mission.

Tally telling Alder to take her and Raelle telling Abigail, "You always gotta be the hero, huh, Bellweather?"

80. On One Day at a Time, when Lydia, Penelope, Elena, and Alex spread Berto's ashes in the garden he loved.

Lydia, Penelope, Alex, and Elena all saying what they miss most about Berto and Lydia saying, "You are home"

81. On Outlander, when Jamie was dying and Claire begged him to survive so they could continue to be together.

Claire sobbing and telling Jamie to stay with her

82. And on Outlander, when Claire was sexually assault and she said that she wouldn't let this break her.

Claire listing off everything she's been through and saying she won't be "shattered" by this

83. On PEN15, when Maya and Anna hilariously tried to practice magic.

84. On Prodigal Son, when Ainsley shockingly killed Nicholas after he threatened Malcolm and Jessica.

Ainsley standing over Nicholas's body covered in blood

85. On P-Valley, when Hailey ended up using Montavius's cash to buy and officially save the Pynk.

Uncle Clifford thanking Hailey after she buys the Pynk and Hailey saying she can't wait to be partners

86. On Riverdale, when Jughead was revealed to actually be alive and he faked his death to get back at the Stonewall Prep kids.

Jughead saying pretending to be dead is one thing, but hiding in the sex bunker of death is wild

87. On Roswell, New Mexico, when Isobel decided to have an abortion and she envisioned Max.

Isobel explaining to Max that she didn't want to have Noah's baby because she didn't want to owe him anything

88. On the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power series finale, when Catra saved Adora and revealed that she loved her.

Catra and Adora saying "I love you" and kissing

89. On Station 19, when Miller and Sullivan were arrested by the Seattle PD while trying to help two young girls after they were kidnapped.

Maya asking the officer to let them go, but the officers not listening and pointing their guns at Sullivan and cuffing Miller

90. On High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, when Ricky said that he's always loved Nini.

Ricky listing off all the moments when he knew he loved Nini

91. On Supergirl, when Lena apologized to Kara and said that she wanted to make this world a better place again.

Lena telling Kara all about Lex's plans and saying that she wants to help stop him

92. On Superstore, when Jonah and Amy heartbreakingly broke up before Amy moved to California.

Amy saying that she doesn't want to marry Jonah

93. On Ted Lasso, when the team lost in the final moments of a game, and Ted gave this speech to them.

Ted saying that there is something worse than being sad and that is "being alone and being sad" and nobody on this team is that

94. On Teenage Bounty Hunters, when Sterling and April kissed for the first time.

Sterling apologizing for kissing April, but April locks the door and kisses her back

95. On The Good Lord Bird, when Onion and John Brown said goodbye to each other before John Brown's execution.

John Brown saying that he loves Onion and asking if he could check in on his family

96. On The Magicians series finale, the gang managed to grow a new world for Fillory, but it meant that Margo, Fen, Josh, and Alice ended up being separated from everyone else.

Margo saying that their lives are about to get weirder

97. On The Walking Dead, when Michonne called Judith and told her she was going to find Rick.

Judith telling Michonne to go find the "Brave Man" and bring him home

98. And on The Walking Dead, when Maggie returned and reunited with Judith.

Maggie and Judith hugging

99. On The West Wing reunion special, when the entire cast reprised their roles for a staging of "Hartsfield's Landing."

100. And finally, on Harley Quinn, when Harley and Poison Ivy revealed their feelings for each other, and then left Poison Ivy's wedding together.

Poison Ivy and Harley looking at each other with an explosion in the background

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