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    "How To Get Away With Murder" Officially Ended After 90 Episodes — Here's What Happened To Your Favorite Characters

    "Thank you. Now I know how to love."

    Well, after six jaw-dropping, murderous, and heartbreaking seasons, How to Get Away With Murder just came to an end.

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    Here's what happened to Annalise, Bonnie, Frank, Nate, the "Keating Four," and everyone else at the end of the series:

    🚨Obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the final season! 🚨

    1. Annalise Keating


    During the final season, Annalise dealt with her trial, where she was being charged with literally every murder from the show's six seasons — from Rebecca Sutter all the way to Sam Keating. In the end, Annalise really did "get away with murder" and won her case, with the jury finding her not guilty on all charges. As for the flash-forward to Annalise's funeral that we saw throughout this season, it turns out it happened WAY down the line. Annalise went on to live a long life surrounded by her friends and family.

    2. Frank Delfino


    During the finale, Frank was dealing with the latest bombshell that he was actually Sam and Hannah Keating's son — yes, there was an incest plotline in these final episodes. Although Frank secured a crucial piece of evidence that helped Annalise, he still had to "make things right." Ultimately, Frank arrived at the courthouse and shot and killed Gov. Birkhead, aka the woman who has made Annalise's life a living hell. Amid the chaos, Frank was also shot and tragically died in Bonnie's arms.

    3. Bonnie Winterbottom


    In the penultimate episode, Bonnie was the one who told Frank the truth about who his parents were, which led to Frank walking out on her during the finale. In the final moments, Bonnie tried to stop Frank from killing Birkhead, but she didn't make it to him in time. After watching Frank die, we shockingly learn that Bonnie was also shot, and she heartbreakingly died in Annalise's arms. TBH, I am still crying over Annalise pleading with Bonnie to wake up.

    4. Connor Walsh


    During the final season, Connor took an immunity deal from the FBI and had to testify against Annalise. The deal included jail time, but he later learned that Michaela got one without jail time. While Oliver tried to get Connor a better deal (more on that below), Connor just wanted Oliver to forget it and ended up saying that he wanted a divorce! Connor didn't want Oliver to wait around for him while he was in jail, and thought this was the best solution. After Annalise's trial, Connor was taken into police custody and even handed Oliver his wedding ring.

    5. Oliver Hampton


    During the series finale, Oliver tried everything he could do get Connor a new immunity deal. He even went to US Attorney Lennox and Special Agent Lanford, who agreed to give Connor a new deal if Oliver testified against Annalise and lied on the stand. Connor, of course, didn't want this for Oliver and didn't agree to it. While Connor wanted a divorce, Oliver insisted that he would wait for him and they would get through this together. During the flash-forward to Annalise's funeral, we see that Connor and Oliver were still happily married.

    6. Michaela Pratt


    As I said above, Michaela managed to get an immunity deal that didn't involve any jail time. After Annalise won and Connor was arrested, Michaela tried to call Laurel for some support, but she learned that Laurel had changed her number. Also, Oliver told Michaela that it should've been her going to jail. Basically, Michaela ended the series completely alone, and it was so sad. During the flash-forward, we see that Michaela seemingly had two daughters and was being sworn in.

    7. Laurel Castillo


    During the penultimate episode, Laurel arrived back in town, and although she originally lied on the stand about Annalise, she ended up changing her statement. During the series finale, Laurel was relieved when Annalise won, and ended up fleeing town again with Christopher after the trial. During the flash-forward, Laurel attended Annalise's funeral and saw Connor and Oliver for the first time in years.

    8. Asher Millstone


    Alright, so Asher wasn't actually in the series finale, but he did play a big role in the final season. Asher ended up becoming an FBI informant in order to save his own life and take down Annalise. Shortly after Michaela, Oliver, and Connor found out about what he was doing, Asher was shockingly killed by an FBI agent who was secretly working for the Castillos.

    9. Nate Lahey


    Before Nate took the stand, Lennox and Lanford offered him a $20 million settlement for his father's wrongful death lawsuit, in hopes that he would go against Annalise. In the end, Nate lied for Annalise, saying that Hannah was the one who framed him for Sam's murder (if you remember, Annalise actually did this). After his testimony, Nate went to Annalise's apartment and forgave her for everything and said he wanted to move on. As a final parting gift, he gave her Wes's written confession that detailed everything, and Annalise promptly burned it. During the flash-forward, we see Nate opening the Lahey Justice Center.

    10. Tegan Price


    Tegan remained the one constant in Annalise's life right until the end. She stood beside Annalise during the trial and was even caught in the crosshairs when Jorge Castillo named her as the FBI informant who helped put him in jail. After Annalise's closing statement, Tegan FINALLY had the realization that she loved Annalise and wanted to be with her, even though Annalise couldn't guarantee her happiness. During the flash-forward, we see Tegan and Annalise dancing together, which showed that they were in each other's life for a long time.

    11. Gabriel Maddox


    Alright, so Gabriel, aka Sam's son from his first marriage, didn't end up having a massive role in this finale. Although Annalise continually believed that he was the surprise witness who could take her down, he ended up not being involved in the final trial. We learn that Frank gave Gabriel a ton of money — probably the money Frank got from the Mahoneys — and told him to get as far away from all of this as possible. While Gabriel insisted that he still wanted to know what really happened to Sam, he ended up taking the money and leaving town.

    12. Hannah Keating


    In the final few episodes, we find out that Hannah and Sam had an incestuous relationship and Frank was their son. After learning this information, Frank was the one who apparently killed her before Annalise's trial. Also, the crucial piece of evidence Frank gave Annalise was an audio recording of Hannah talking to Xavier Castillo, Laurel's brother, about Nate Lahey Sr.'s murder, and she said, "I wanted Annalise to go down for my brother, not hurt all these other people." So Hannah was one of the people who orchestrated Annalise's murder charges with the FBI, the Castillos, and Birkhead.

    13. Jorge Castillo


    HTGAWM had a lot of villains throughout its six seasons, but Jorge Castillo remained one of the worst. During the series finale, he took the stand against Annalise and denied working with Birkhead and the FBI to take her down. Jorge also revealed that Tegan was the informant who helped put him in prison, which was something he wasn't supposed to know. During the flash-forward after the trial, we learn that Jorge finally got what was coming to him and was stabbed to death in prison.

    14. Lynn Birkhead


    So Gov. Lynn Birkhead was Annalise's formidable foe during the last two seasons of How to Get Away With Murder. She tried to stop Annalise from practicing law and worked with the FBI, the Castillos, and Hannah to try to get Annalise to go to jail for murder. During the series finale, Birkhead denied ever working with or knowing the Castillos, even after the audio file of Xavier and Hannah revealed that they were talking about Birkhead's involvement with Nate Sr. Of course, in the end, Frank arrived at the courthouse and shot and killed Birkhead in order to protect Annalise once and for all.

    15. Ophelia Harkness

    Raymond Liu / ABC

    Having Cicely Tyson as Annalise's mother remained the greatest gift from How to Get Away With Murder until the very end. During the series finale, Ophelia surprised Annalise by coming to her trial and assuring her daughter that she would win and go on to live a happy life. Of course, Ophelia was thrilled when Annalise won in the end. During the flash-forward, we learn that in the not-so-distant future, Ophelia died and Annalise mourned her mother.

    16. Eve Rothlo


    Up until the very end, I maintained that Eve was always the love of Annalise's life, so I am so happy she made an appearance in this finale. Annalise even brought up Eve, her lost love, during her closing statement. During the flash-forward, we see Eve giving Annalise's eulogy at her funeral, and it was absolutely beautiful. She talked about how determined, tough, and stubborn Annalise was and how it made her unique and special. Eve also said that she always loved Annalise, "even when she didn't choose me."

    17. And, finally, Christopher Castillo


    Earlier in the season, we saw someone who appeared to be Wes arriving at Annalise's funeral. During the finale, we learn that it wasn't actually Wes but a grown-up Christopher, Wes and Laurel's son. In the closing moments, we see Christopher riding his bike on Middelton's campus, like Wes in the first episode, and he has taken over Annalise's Criminal Law 100 class — “or, as [his] mentor liked to call it, How to Get Away With Murder." It beautifully echoed the first episode and made for the perfect ending to a pretty great series finale.

    What did you think of the How to Get Away With Murder series finale? Tell us in the comments below!

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