The "This Is Us" Season 5 Premiere Wrecked Me, And According To Twitter, I'm Not The Only One

    This is us...crying over last night's episode!

    The emotional roller coaster that is This Is Us returned last night for a special two-hour Season 5 premiere.

    I was beyond excited because the writing on this show is spectacular and I was dying to find out how they resolved last season's cliffhangers.

    From Kevin and Randall exchanging words that they can never take back to Rebecca forgetting where she is in the middle of town, I NEEDED ANSWERS!

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    Well, not only did they explore those storylines, but they also found ways to incorporate current events, without it feeling the pandemic:

    ...and police brutality. It even led to one of the most heartbreaking conversations ever had on the show: Randall explaining to Kate about the pain Black people are forced to mask to make others feel comfortable.

    “If I made things better for you, then where does that leave me? I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. That has been my pattern all my life and honestly, Kate, it is exhausting. I’m exhausted.” #ThisIsUs

    And after all of those emotional scenes, still, nothing prepared me for the last 30 seconds of the premiere episode. HOW IS SHE ALIVE, Y'ALL?!?!

    A scene featuring Randall's biological mom from "This Is Us"

    Anyway, the premiere was excellent and I'm already excited for what's to come next week. But I'm not the only one! Here's what other fans thought about the return of This Is Us:


    Every single member of the #ThisIsUs cast is acting their ASS off in this episode.


    oop. not randall telling kate her white woman tears will not work this time lmao #ThisIsUs


    "I think I've got a pulse." #ThisIsUs


    I’m convinced this is the #ThisIsUs writers room tryna keep track of things AND STILL SURPRISE US


    "You were born out of tragedy. Multiple tragedies. All that loss. All that sadness. Look right here in this room. Look what you did with all of that. Do you see it?" #ThisIsUs @NBCThisisUs @SterlingKBrown


    cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ kate, randall, & kim kardashian kevin turning 40 turning 40 #thisisus


    “i’m exhausted.” - Randall Pearson and all the Black people around the world. #ThisIsUs


    #ThisIsUs wow. just wow. that CLIFFHANGER. goodbye i am wow i wow no words... the entire premiere. insane.


    How I’m feeling after the season premiere #ThisIsUs


    I want to be like Beth when I grow up 🥺 she's absolutely amazing #ThisIsUs


    This is Us really hit white fragility and Black mental health/trauma just the way I needed them to ❤️ #thisisus #Randall


    So but can Kevin and Randall sort out their mess pls #thisisus


    Why did I think Kate and Toby were gonna adopt a 33-year-old? 😂😂 #ThisIsUs


    Beth Pearson is phenomenol. The way she supports Randall, encourages him and gives him strength is phenomenal. My admiration for her keeps increasing more and more after each season😍 #ThisIsUs


    Mandy Moore has never gotten enough credit for the fact that she pretty much plays 3 (or 4!) different characters on this show!! She crushes every single one. #ThisIsUs


    Look at the symbolism of one father walking out as another walks in. Jack being the answer to Williams prayer even when Jack is battling to believe. #ThisIsUs #thisusnbc


    watching #ThisIsUs and the way they transitioned the season finale into the recent present.


    Words can’t express how outstanding that season 5 premiere was. The writing. The acting. ALL OF IT. How can a group of people create such a masterpiece?? HOW?? Without fail the most emotional I’ve ever been watching @NBCThisisUs. Absolutely brilliant. I’m blown away.👏 #ThisIsUs


    The #ThisIsUs writers are fucking geniuses. How they were able to seamlessly blend their previous storylines with the current world issues IS SO CRAZY.