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    If The "Little Fires Everywhere" Finale Made You Laugh, Cry, Or Scream, Then These Tweets Are For You

    "Everyone deserves every award possible!"

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    The Little Fires Everywhere finale served betrayal, heartbreak, and compassion on a silver platter and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

    Here are 50 hilarious and oh-so-real Twitter reactions to the complex episode:


    This moment was equivalent to slamming the Big Joker on the table! Mia was ready😂#LittleFiresEverywhere


    I just can’t get over the fact that Mia sold that painting just for Bebe to steal the you could’ve done that $500,000 ago. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    When the dad is chilling and driving by the house and he sees the whole damm house is in flames. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    The Richardson kids when Elena admits she never wanted Izzy #LittleFiresEverywhere


    The way the demon jumped from the back of Reese's throat and out into this scene had me SHOOK. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Mia: “If Lexie had the mother she DESERVED, she wouldn’t have been here crying in my arms because she had an abortion while YOU WERE GALAVANTING AT MY PARENTS’ HOUSE!!!” Me: #LittleFiresEverywhere


    When Bill said “maybe it’s time I get a pacifier too.” GAG!! #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Listen Elena left a life in Paris with a fine ass white man to go back to Shaker Heights to get married and have four raggedy ass kids, she was never going to have a happy ending #LittleFiresEverywhere


    “She’s not yours. You’re not indebted to her just because you like her.” Izzy with the word of the day #LittleFiresEverywhere


    I was TOOOOOO hype when this came up. Lolll I said “EAT HER UP MIA” Narrator: and indeed she ate #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Lexie finally saying something that we can all agree on #LittleFiresEverywhere


    #LittleFiresEverywhere Lexie: “I’m not perfect.” Elena: “YES YOU ARE!!!” Me and Lexie:


    Elena, tried to destroy another women’s life but ended up burning her own. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Finished #LittleFiresEverywhere and my goodness watching the pseudo-perfect world Elena thought she had built crumble was a personal highlight. Also Kerry Washington does not disappoint. Not never. The read. Omg.


    Can we talk about how Izzy’s dream was to find Mia and be a part of her world. She was the baby bird injured. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Taking the blame for torching the house was the only selfless act that Elena did. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Every last single cast member down to little baby Mai Ling was ACTING! Do you hear me?! ACTING! #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Still thinking about the #LittleFiresEverywhere finale. A masterpiece. Wow.


    #LittleFiresEverywhere I just finished the show and I’m still in tears ... I need to pull myself together


    Bill practicing the “At least Moody isn’t the sucker paying for dinner” line, he couldn’t wait to use that on Elena silly ass 😂😂 #LittleFiresEverywhere


    the fact that it really was everyone BUT izzy. had me fooled all season!!! #LittleFiresEverywhere


    I love what Izzy tells Moody in this scene. "She's not yours... you don't just deserve her because you liked her." He needs to hear that shit before he turns into asshole. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    WHEW CHILD, that #LittleFiresEverywhere FINALE . It just took me all the way out, phenomenal acting, phenomenal season, phenomenal everything


    EVERYONE...and I mean EVERYONE on #LittleFiresEverywhere deserves every award possible!! Because Wow...they played those characters to the T!!! DO YOU HEAR ME! Hulu did their thing with this series!!!


    Izzy when the rest of them kids and her daddy realize there is something seriously wrong with they mama. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    The Richardson kids after Elena screamed at Izzy on #LittleFiresEverywhere...


    There were the literal fires in Elena’s house and then there were the metaphorical fires set across Shaker also caused by Elena. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    each of those mothers stories hit me a bit differently this week... beautiful storytelling by all involved! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿#LittleFiresEverywhere


    Bill coming home like... #LittleFiresEverywhere #LittleFiresHulu #LittleFires


    when Elena told Izzy she ain’t want her #LittleFiresEverywhere


    All I have to say is the writers on this show are a F-ing Beast ya hear me 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏#LittleFiresEverywhere


    *mia explaining to Izzy that losing is a child is hard* Izzy: “that’s how I’d feel if I lost you” *izzy finds key in the mailbox and breaksdown* Me: #LittleFiresEverywhere


    When you know you dodged a mess. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    #LittleFiresEverywhere is so well done. It’s poetic. Nuanced. Riveting. The facades came tumbling down.


    When the fire marshall said “there were little fires everywhere” #LittleFiresEverywhere


    The foreshadowing *mwah* #LittleFiresEverywhere


    I had three predictions about who started that fucking fire and I was wrong EXACTLY three times my wig is GONE! #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Lemme tell you Reese Witherspoon played Her character Elena so good that i had to tell myself don’t hate Reese it’s just a character she playing #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Pearl’s upset with Mia for digging through Elena’s things, but doesn’t even question how Elena, who barely knows her or Mia, could tell her about her mother’s past in great detail. I- #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Moody, Tripp, and Lexie been beefing all season long but soon as Elena said something about their sister Izzy they burned that bitch down and that's what being sibling is all about #LittleFiresEverywhere


    #LittleFiresEverywhere You know what f&$k Bill too! Poor him. First he didn’t hear Elena out when she said she was done having children. Then not helping her out with the kids. Fast forward and they’re all miserable. He sees Izzy and her pain and he just shrugs and leaves.


    I can’t believe I started this show thinking Izzy would piss me off the most... TUH! Between Elena & Lexie’s microaggression, Mia mettlin’ in Bebe’s business, Pearl’s disrespect, & whatever the hell is Trip’s problem.. honey, Izzy is the most sane one atp #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Reese giving Meryl a run for her money with that terrifying scream. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    everyone's reaction when Elena responds to the cheating accusation with "I'm a good person" #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Is Elena really sitting here trying to get her doctor friend to break HIPPAA, possibly losing her job, license, AND going to jail if she's caught, just so Elena can ease her guilt about this situation *she's* created around the adoption? #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Is no one gonna talk about how Bebe Chow took May Ling back? Linda is gonna rip her husband a new one for not letting her go check on “Maribelle” when she wanted to. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Mia’s is no longer tied to her past. Izzy is free. Elena’s in hell. I feel so satisfied yet my heart is hurting . I - #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Moody was soo disgusted with Elena when she told Izzy “I never wanted you in the first place” #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Book Elena was bad but Show Elena deserves to have her ass beat lmao I choose violence! #LittleFiresEverywhere


    WE NEED A SEASON 2! WE DESERVE! #LittleFiresEverywhere

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