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    That "Supernatural" Series Finale Sure Was Something, And Tumblr Had A Lot To Say

    Without spoiling anything, you know the ending of Grease where the car starts flying?

    The Supernatural series finale aired last night, and it was...something. Of course, everyone on Tumblr went wild, so here's some of the best reactions to whatever that was.

    🚨 Warning: There are so many spoilers ahead. 🚨

    1. This aftermath every fan felt hard:

    2. This devastating joke for all the sad Destiel shippers out there:

    3. This ending that maybe, possibly would have been a bit better:

    4. This moment that made everyone go "oh, wig" in the worst way:

    5. This completely reasonable explanation that definitely isn't the third stage of grief:

    6. This complete willingness to clown:

    7. This succinct review from everyone expecting Castiel to come back:

    8. This silver lining of a positive message:

    9. This fun little twist:

    10. This accurate re-creation of watching the finale:

    11. This actual footage of the rest of Tumblr trying to support Supernatural fans:

    12. This reminder that the real treasures were the vaccinations we got along the way:

    13. This explanation in case you missed this important detail:

    14. This reminder that's, well, yikes:

    15. This scene I wish was actually in the show:

    16. This reminder that everyone is watching you eagerly, Supernatural fans:

    17. This re-creation of exactly what Tumblr looked like during the finale:

    18. This important information that needed to be acknowledged:

    19. This joke that gets more upsetting the more you read it:

    20. This scene idea that at least includes Cas:

    21. And this joke that would maybe be a drag if the showrunner didn't also make the same joke:

    Take care of yourselves, Supernatural fans.