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    "13 Reasons Why" Fans Are Reacting To That Devastating Series Finale Twist

    "He's my positive influence."

    🚨 Warning: MAJOR Season 4 spoilers ahead!!! 🚨

    After four seasons, Netflix's controversial show 13 Reasons Why has come to a close.

    Season 4 focused on the friend group dealing with the aftermath of Bryce Walker's murder and their role in covering it up. There were breakups, new relationships, and some seriously wild twists.

    But there's one absolutely devastating twist that everyone is talking about: Justin Foley's death.

    Over the seasons, Justin had a LOT of development and became a fan-favorite character. He went through addiction, abuse, and homelessness. But by Season 4, he seemed to be on the path to recovery — he was trying to stay sober, Clay's family was adopting him, and he even got into college.

    But then everything changed at the very end of Episode 9, when he collapsed at prom, seemingly out of nowhere.

    In the final episode, Justin is diagnosed with HIV-1, which has now progressed to AIDS. It's presumed he contracted HIV during the time he spent homeless a couple of years earlier. Due to him declining testing, it went undetected until now.

    Justin's health rapidly deteriorates. He dies in the hospital just weeks later, with Clay and his parents by his side.

    A few weeks after Justin's death, Clay finds the college application essay Justin wrote. A vision of Justin's ghost seemingly visits Clay and tells him to read it. Clay reads the essay and realizes Justin wrote about him and their brotherhood.

    The audience knew from the first episode this season that a character was going to die, but it was still shocking that Justin was killed off so suddenly and in this way.

    Fans are pretty devastated by the twist:

    This is the show’s ending, nothing happened after the dance scene. They all danced their heart out and the show ended. THATS IT!! #13ReasonsWhy

    all it takes is to see justin’s face and i’m crying again. i really hate it here #13ReasonsWhy

    "Because he's my brother. He's my positive influence . He's the reason I'm alive" - Justin Foley #13reasonswhy THAT LINE GOT ME CRYING LIKE:

    I’ve never cried so much about a fictional character JUSTIN FOLEY DESERVED BETTER!!!! #13reasonswhy

    Some fans felt the death was unnecessarily cruel and only included for shock value. Others also felt the writers missed an opportunity to showcase that HIV can be treatable in modern day.

    ok ONE more post bc I AM SO SO UPSET [SPOILERS] You had a character that struggled with drug addiction + homelessness FINALLY gets a loving family and a shot at a bright future and you... kill him off with AIDS??? ARE YOU SERIOUS????? #13reasonswhy4 #13ReasonsWhy


    #13ReasonsWhy producers had an amazing opportunity to teach people that HIV is no longer a death sentence. Instead, they chose to kill Justin off, after they gave him the biggest character development???

    I think we can all agree that Justin Foley deserved better.