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    Everyone Is Talking About Part One Of The "Schitt's Creek" Series Finale, And Here's Why

    Ew, David, I am sobbing.

    🚨Obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Season 6, Episode 13🚨

    I know, I know, I don't want to talk about it either, but the Schitt's Creek series finale is officially here.

    This week, "Start Spreading the News" aired and it served as part one of the series finale — y'all, I wept through the entire thing.

    The episode dealt with the Rose family preparing for the future and ultimately deciding to go their separate ways.

    Moira has officially been offered a starring role in the reboot of Sunrise Bay, so she and Johnny are off to California.

    After an emotional conversation with Stevie, David announced he was actually staying in town with Patrick, and they even bought a house.

    And Alexis decided that even though David wasn't going to NYC with her anymore, she still wanted to go and be independent.

    Now, on top of the Rose family emotions, Schitt's Creek delivered one of the best reveals when we learned that Twyla is actually a multimillionaire — she kept working at the café because it's what makes her happy.

    Basically, this episode beautifully, perfectly, and emotionally set up the final episode of Schitt's Creek, and like me, the rest of the internet is weeping over it too. Here are some of the best reactions:


    David learning love is more important than opinions ✔️ Alexis finding her purpose & growing up enough to seek it alone ✔️ John & Moira finding success in their fields because of hard work instead of fame ✔️ Everything I’ve ever wanted for these characters ✔️ #SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @tricia_16__ / Via Twitter: @tricia_16__


    this was genuinely me the whole episode i @SchittsCreek #SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @milkyhailo / Via Twitter: @milkyhailo


    Johnny is so proud of his family. Moira has grown so much. Stevie is OWNING IT. David said "my husband." Patrick wants to surprise David with his dream home. Alexis is the sweetest friend. Twyla is baby. I'm going to miss them so much it hurts. #SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @patrickbrewski / Via Twitter: @patrickbrewski


    That was absolutely one of the most beautiful episodes of TV I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing seeing how much these people I have grown to love so much have blossomed. It’s so bittersweet to have to say goodbye but I’m so glad to have been a part of this amazing journey #SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @byunxinq / Via Twitter: @byunxinq


    David Rose deserves every single good thing that he has in his life. His journey has been so heartbreaking and beautiful. I’m so happy that he finally found a friend who loves him, a man who cherishes him, a business he built from scratch and a home in #SchittsCreek.

    Twitter: @MmmEatGlass / Via Twitter: @MmmEatGlass


    he really had that in the back of his mind all these years. that everyone thought he was a joke. that he had something to prove to the people in his past life that didn't mean anything. and look at all he did. david rose has the kind of strength I can only hope for #schittscreek

    Twitter: @gayicedlatte / Via Twitter: @gayicedlatte


    can we talk about how the biggest trauma for david wasn't losing the money, but finding out that everything he thought made him worthwhile (rich friends, galleries, etc.) was all a lie? but then he got to schitt's creek and was met with truth and respect. #SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @patrickbrewcr / Via Twitter: @patrickbrewcr


    There has never been a more beautiful friendship in television. #SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @MmmEatGlass / Via Twitter: @MmmEatGlass


    It’s what they deserve. #schittscreek

    Twitter: @tropicalboners / Via Twitter: @tropicalboners


    just 2 husbands standing in front of the place where their gonna build a future together #SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @farleyscactus / Via Twitter: @farleyscactus


    Twitter: @hesabutton / Via Twitter: @hesabutton


    Alexis spent her whole life chasing money and relying on money and when Twyla offered it to her when she needed it, she said no because she wants to be independent and do it on her own 🥺 that’s my baby and I’m proud #SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @wxldtype / Via Twitter: @wxldtype


    Both of Twyla’s scenes with Alexis were absolutely incredible. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THEIR FRIENDSHIP. #SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @wildxwired / Via Twitter: @wildxwired


    Twyla really does have the kindest soul of anyone on the planet #SchittsCreek

    Twitter: @LeonieWoolf / Via Twitter: @LeonieWoolf


    Twyla picked the dress from S1E1! And then Alexis took it back. 😂 #SchittsCreek @sarahlevy_ @annefrances

    Twitter: @taravk1 / Via Twitter: @taravk1


    This Twyla secret is arguably one of the best #SchittsCreek reveals EVER. She just loved hanging out with everyone 🥺

    Twitter: @noradominick / Via Twitter: @noradominick


    We shot the café scene and motel scene back to back and we cried all day. @annefrances #schittscreek

    Twitter: @sarahlevy_ / Via Twitter: @sarahlevy_


    Twitter: @muh_rye_uh / Via Twitter: @muh_rye_uh


    This cast is just so fucking great. And I’m so proud of them. YES I’M EMOTIONAL. #schittscreek

    Twitter: @danjlevy / Via Twitter: @danjlevy


    Twitter: @Schitts_Fan / Via Twitter: @Schitts_Fan


    I am not going to be able to handle next week's #SchittsCreek, tonight's episode destroyed me.

    Twitter: @emilymelissabee / Via Twitter: @emilymelissabee

    The Schitt's Creek series finale airs April 7 at 8 p.m. ET/7 CT on Pop with a documentary special about the show right after.

    How did you feel about the penultimate Schitt's Creek episode? Tell us in the comments below!