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    Chapter 13 Of "The Mandalorian" Is Here And Fans Are Positively Losing Their Minds

    This! Post! Is! Only! Spoilers! Beware!

    So, Chapter 13 of The Baby Yoda Variety Hour (aka The Mandalorian) dropped this morning, and y' is giving us everything we could possibly want!

    OH, HOLD UP. Before we get too into this, I better throw one of these up. Please heed this very serious warning*:

    Everyone who doesn't want to be spoiled gone now? Good. ANYWAY, Chapter 13 was a DOOZY. We received some incredible cameos and even got some new information about our beloved baby boy!

    We finally got to see a live-action version of fan-favorite Jedi Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) — and predictably, given the character's history, she kicked all sorts of ass.

    We also received quite a bit of new information and teases through Ahsoka, one standout being that Grand Admiral Thrawn is still very much on her mind — and, as such, may be making an appearance on the show in the future.

    But perhaps the biggest piece of new info we got (which also came directly from Ahsoka) was the Child/the Asset/"Hey, Stop That!"/Baby Yoda's true name: Grogu. His name is Grogu.

    As I'm sure you could've guessed, fans positively LOST. THEIR. COLLECTIVE. MINDS. OVER. THIS. EPISODE.

    Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels fans after watching that episode #Mandalorian

    Fans have been waiting (im)patiently for a live-action interpretation of Ahsoka for so long, it was truly a rewarding experience to behold.

    Basically the whole Star Wars community right now. #Mandalorian

    She! Even! Dual! Wielded!

    This lives rent free in my head now #AhsokaTano #Mandalorian

    Plus, the high energy and overall ~mysterious vibe~ of the entire episode felt like a true return to form for Star Wars.

    Me throughout the Mandalorian Chapter 13 episode

    And so many new things were teased, we're all going to need to take some time off of work before the next chapter to process everything.

    Clone Wars/Rebels fans after the newest episode of “The Mandalorian”

    I'm sure our bosses will understand.

    ALSO, GROGU?! BABY YODA (who, yes, was never actually a baby version of Yoda...but, come on, it was still a pretty fun name to use to annoy those fans) IS ACTUALLY NAMED "GROGU"?!

    FINALLY!! He has a name!! #Grogu #TheMandalorian


    So, uh, yeah. There you have it. Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian is certainly the wildest episode yet and is now streaming on Disney+!