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    The First "Euphoria" Special Episode Is One Of The Best TV Episodes Of The Year, And Here's Why

    Zendaya and Colman Domingo are one of the best acting duos right now.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Euphoria!🚨

    Euphoria finally gave us a new episode after a year since Season 1 ended, and all I want to do is talk about it.

    The first of two special episodes, "Trouble Don't Last Always," picks up after Rue left Jules at the train station and follows Rue as she celebrates Christmas with Ali at a diner.

    While we get a glimpse of what could have been with Rue and Jules living together, the episode truly hits its stride when Rue's fantasy bursts.

    Jules and Rue talking while lying in bed

    Structured like a long conversation, this episode dives deeper into Rue's addiction, her struggles to stay sober, and her relationship with Jules.

    Rue telling Ali that she didn't think Jules would leave and now she's thinking about her whole life

    And we also learn more about Ali and his relationships with addiction and his family, all while he helps Rue come to terms with her own struggles.

    The whole episode is a showcase for how talented Zendaya and Colman Domingo are, since they're able to make an episode with few other characters and mostly long monologues mesmerizing.

    Ali telling Rue that she needs to keep going and fight her addiction because "your hope is a revolution"

    If you've come to know Euphoria as the show with great costumes and makeup, "Trouble Don't Last Always" is a perfect reminder of why this show is one of the best right now, because it puts the characters, dialogue, and actors front and center.

    The episode strips away the glitter, and what we are left with is a perfect character study on Rue and Ali, and it's honestly one of the finest hours of television this year.

    There are a lot of specific moments that stand out in "Trouble Don't Last Always" — Ali talking to his family on the phone is emotional — but it's Rue's breakthrough toward the end of the episode that gave me chills.

    "As someone who tried really hard to be someone I couldn't." I care very deeply about Rue and can we just fling another Emmy at Zendaya right now for this Euphoria special? #Euphoria

    @noradominick / Via Twitter: @noradominick

    Not that there was any doubt before, but if you were wondering why Zendaya won the 2020 Emmy Award for Lead Actress in a Drama Series, look no further than this scene.

    Rue telling Ali that after she's gone she wants her mom and sister to remember her "as someone who tried really hard to be someone I couldn't"

    Basically, Euphoria proves with this quiet, heartbreaking, and magical episode why it's an important series and how a show can make an impact with just amazing dialogue and powerful performances — the glitter is an added bonus.

    Just like me, the rest of the internet can't stop talking about this Euphoria special episode. Here are some of the best reactions:


    That feeling you get when @euphoriaHBO is back!

    @kerrywashington / Via Twitter: @kerrywashington


    @TwitterTV / Via Twitter: @TwitterTV


    this new episode of euphoria felt like one big therapy session for anybody who’s ever struggled with mental health...the dialogue really hit on a DEEP level #EuphoriaHBO

    @tatewhittaker / Via Twitter: @tatewhittaker



    @AndBluem / Via Twitter: @AndBluem



    @ihateithere1371 / Via Twitter: @ihateithere1371


    this scene broke my heart #Euphoria

    @zlyclairee / Via Twitter: @zlyclairee


    Wow. The Euphoria special - what an hour of television. Who knew 60 minutes of Rue and Ali having a conversation in a diner coud be so emotionally resonating? Just wanna save the dialogue in this episode in my head forever. A must watch. #Euphoria

    @NoorPatty / Via Twitter: @NoorPatty


    Zendaya just showed y'all why she won that emmy #Euphoria

    @ironparkcr / Via Twitter: @ironparkcr


    Wait, I also love the way that #Euphoria subtly showed that Rue is an unreliable narrator when she told Ali that she and Jules talked about getting lip tattoos but never did. Now, I wonder what else didn't actually happen in Season 1...

    @noradominick / Via Twitter: @noradominick


    he didn’t have to call me out like that🧍‍♀️ #Euphoria

    @adcswifts / Via Twitter: @adcswifts


    it’s the free therapy for me #Euphoria

    @igottafxxling / Via Twitter: @igottafxxling


    They made a one hour conversation between these two the most engaging, compelling, and impactful thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously couldn’t take my eyes away. From the writing, acting, and camera work it was just an enthralling emotional rollercoaster. God I love #Euphoria

    @CharlieHickma13 / Via Twitter: @CharlieHickma13


    Let me tell you how #Euphoria special episode is one of the greatest things I’ve ever watched. Watching an HOUR of these two people at a dinner talking and didn’t get bored not once? For a HOUR. The acting, the dialogue, THE MESSAGE had you locked in. Truly inspiring.

    @ssjanae / Via Twitter: @ssjanae


    @CederholmMaddi / Via Twitter: @CederholmMaddi

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