Everyone Is Talking About How Emotional The "This Is Us" Season 4 Finale Was, And Here's Why

    "I think the trick is not trying to keep the joys and the tragedies apart."

    🚨Warning: Obviously there are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the Season 4 finale.🚨

    This week, This Is Us ended Season 4 with a jam-packed episode filled with a ton of answers, but also even more questions.

    "Strangers: Part Two" showcased storylines in the past, present, and future, and it was honestly one of the best episodes this season.

    In the past, Rebecca and Jack dealt with the Big Three's first birthdays, and Rebecca tried to figure out how to mourn and honor Kyle, the baby she lost.

    This led to another incredible moment between Rebecca, Jack, and Dr. K, who they visited for advice — Gerald McRaney continues to be amazing in this role.

    In the present, Randall and Kevin finally had an explosive fight, which is the reason they still aren't talking on their 40th birthdays.

    Also, Madison learned that she is pregnant with twins and Kevin is the father.

    And, Kate and Toby celebrated Jack Jr.'s first birthday and decided to adopt a baby.

    Now, in the future, we saw Kevin and his children visiting a much older Rebecca with Uncle Nicky and Randall.

    And, Jack Jr. and Lucy welcomed an adorable baby girl, Hope, and we saw Jack's sister, Hailey, for the first time.

    Like me, the rest of the internet is freaking out over the This Is Us Season 4 finale. Here are some of the best reactions:


    SPOILER ALERT!!!! “She’s my sister”-Jack Damon 😭❤️😱#ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @ChrissyMetz / Via Twitter: @ChrissyMetz


    My exact reaction when museum girl turned out to be Jack’s sister 😭 #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @ohsnapsitsriri / Via Twitter: @ohsnapsitsriri


    Kate gets her boy and girl dream from the time capsule! #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @LaurenAnnMcG / Via Twitter: @LaurenAnnMcG


    What’s her name? Me: *Don’t say Rebecca don’t say Rebecca don’t say Rebecca* Jack: Hope Me: THAT’S EVEN DEEPER #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @Itstlkabtlex / Via Twitter: @ltstlkabtlex


    Twitter: @tvgoldtweets / Via Twitter: @tvgoldtweets


    The lack of Kate and Toby in the future is making me very nervous 😭 #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @Kitobear13 / Via Twitter: @Kitobear13


    I am glad they showed Rebecca mourning for Kyle with Jack. You can never forget the child you carried for nine months and lost. 😭😭😭 #ThisIsUs

    Twotter: @MitaliArgikar / Via Twitter: @MitaliArgikar


    Me, 9:55 PM: What could Kevin and Randall possibly say that would cause them to stop speaking for at least a year? Me, 9:56 PM: Well. Okay then. #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @ColorMelmprssed / Via Twitter: @ColorMeImprssed


    kevin n randall physically fighting each other would’ve hurt less than seeing them say all that to one another god DAMN #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @stevesfelicity / Via Twitter: @stevesfelicity


    I can’t believe Kevin and Randall said that to each other ... #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @SebastianAvenue / Via Twitter: @SebastianAvenue


    Character growth......thy name is Kevin Pearson. #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @kwanfan1212 / Via Twitter: @kwanfan1212


    Randall and Kevin right now... I'm surprised no one threw a punch 'cause every SECOND of that argument was laced with fighting words. Every bit of that was hurtful good god #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @notebrookepaper / Via Twitter: @notebrookepaper


    This just about took me out because I can’t believe he said this #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @tswiftsbt13 / Via Twitter: @tswiftsbt13


    Kevin has surpassed Randall in the rankings for #1 Pearson son. #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @TheLewisEffect / Via Twitter: @TheLewisEffect


    Dr. K just fixed my whole life. #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @kymberleyangela / Via Twitter: @kymberleyangela


    All Coronavirus press conferences should end with a speech from this man. #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @kmorgan76 / Via Twitter: @kmorgan76


    How does Dr. K always know the right things to say😭 #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @TyEveland / Via Twitter: @TyEveland


    Me piecing together all the new information given from the finale of #ThisIsUs

    Twitter: @GabiCamarero / Via Twitter: @GabiCamarero


    Thank you, #ThisIsUs for always reminding us that even in the darkest of times, there’s always hope...and blue skies ahead 🌤

    Twitter: @chelsafire / Via Twitter: @chelsafire

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