The "Insecure" Season 4 Finale Ended With A Huge Plot Twist And It's Too Much To Process

    #LawrenceHive loses again.

    🚨Warning: Obviously, there are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the end of Season 4.🚨

    Season 4 of Insecure was high-key messy to say the least, and one of the main storylines of the season involved Issa's new friend and colleague, Condola, dating her ex, Lawrence.

    That couple doesn't last, and after almost three whole seasons of being broken up, many fans were ecstatic when Lawrence and Issa got back together toward the end of this season.

    In the finale, the newly reunited couple is going strong and vow to figure out their relationship going forward as Lawrence gets a great job offer that requires him to relocate from LA to San Francisco.

    But, alas, their bliss is short-lived because, in true Insecure fashion, Condola comes back around with some, uh, big developments.

    And I was FLOORED (still am, TBH)!

    Though Lawrence thinks it's a bad idea to keep the baby, Condola claims she's raising it and doesn't expect anything from him.

    So this changes everything. Is Lawrence still going to take the job? Will Issa and Lawrence break up? If not, how involved is Issa going to be with Condola and the baby??? It's just — it's all too much!

    And clearly Black Twitter was feeling just as overwhelmed as me:



    Can you believe that we were all disrespected? From the comfort of our own homes??????? #InsecureHBO


    Condolences coming in to ruin everybody’s Sunday #InsecureHBO


    Y’all, somebody said Condolavirus! I’m out. 😂🤣😂 #InsecureHBO


    Any of us who thought #InsecureHBO was the type of show that let ppl be happy:


    Issa was so confident in her and Lawrence’s new start defending her man in front of Nathan all to be embarrassed #InsecureHBO


    issa trying to be cool with her new stepchild #InsecureHBO


    As soon as Lawrence said Cambodia came over.. #InsecureHBO


    Issa and Lawrence: We should definitely get back together God: #InsecureHBO



    Issa calling Nathan back right after her conversation with Lawrence: #InsecureHBO


    I’m having flashbacks to when Derwin got Janay pregnant on The Game #InsecureHBO


    Raise your hand if you felt personally victimized by #InsecureHBO tonight


    Lawrence talkin to Issa like #InsecureHBO


    This season finale hurt. I’ve waited three seasons for Issa and Lawerence to get back together and they finally get things going and here comes Canola oil #InsecureHBO


    Me waking up thinking about how I’ll have to see more Condola next season and less Andrew #InsecureHBO


    I cannot believe Insecure had me all in my feels last week just to end things like that this week. I am TIRED. you men are EXHAUSTING #InsecureHBO


    Nathan after finding out Issa's plans with Lawrence crashed and burned #InsecureHBO


    So how long do we have to wait for season 5 #InsecureHBO