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    Here's How "Fuller House" Explained Aunt Becky's Absence

    "Have mercy!"

    The final season of Fuller House just dropped on Netflix, and one classic Full House character was missing from the final episodes — Aunt Becky.

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    Other than Michelle, of course.

    Due to her involvement with the nationwide college admissions bribery scandal, fans knew Lori Loughlin would not be returning to the series as Aunt Becky.

    Adam Rose / Netflix

    "She’s toast, it’s over," a source previously said about Loughlin’s future on Fuller House.

    Loughlin wasn't a series regular on Fuller House, but she did appear in 13 episodes throughout the show's first four seasons on Netflix.


    She was occasionally around for big events, but getting all of the classic Tanners together in one episode was typically rare, so her nonappearance this season didn't feel too unusual.

    Here's how Uncle Jesse explained Aunt Becky's absence:

    "Aunt Becky is in Nebraska helping out her mother."

    Sending her to Nebraska isn't surprising. Aunt Becky was always talking about her home state in the original series, so this was the most likely route (other than just not mentioning her at all).

    Her vacancy was only really felt at DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy's triple wedding.


    Although, I'm honestly more curious why there was no reason given for Michelle missing her sisters' wedding.

    Now excuse me while I visualize Aunt Becky in Nebraska the way Uncle Jesse did before their wedding on Full House:


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