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    "Schitt's Creek" Is Officially Over And Here's Where Everyone Ended Up

    "Just wanted one last look."

    Ew, David! After six emotional, hilarious, and heartwarming seasons, Schitt's Creek just came to an end.

    Here's what happened to some of our favorite characters at the end of the series:

    🚨Obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the final season! 🚨

    1. Johnny Rose

    2. Moira Rose

    3. David Rose

    4. Alexis Rose

    5. Stevie Budd

    6. Patrick Brewer

    7. Roland and Jocelyn Schitt

    8. Twyla Sands

    9. Ted Mullens

    10. Ronnie Lee

    11. And finally, Bob Currie

    What did you think of the Schitt's Creek series finale? Tell us in the comments below!