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    "Schitt's Creek" Is Officially Over And Here's Where Everyone Ended Up

    "Just wanted one last look."

    Ew, David! After six emotional, hilarious, and heartwarming seasons, Schitt's Creek just came to an end.


    Here's what happened to some of our favorite characters at the end of the series:

    🚨Obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the final season! 🚨

    1. Johnny Rose


    After getting money to expand the Rosebud Motel Group, Johnny is officially leaving Schitt's Creek to run the business from corporate headquarters. During the final season, Johnny realized what a blessing moving to Schitt's Creek was and he was emotional about moving away.

    2. Moira Rose


    After getting an offer to reprise her role of Vivian Blake in a Sunrise Bay reboot, Moira negotiated for a better deal before signing on. Moira and Johnny are headed to California, but not before she brilliantly and emotionally officiated David and Patrick's wedding. Overall, I think it's safe to say that Moira will be remembered as one of the greatest TV characters of all time.

    3. David Rose


    The series finale centered on David and Patrick's wedding day and not everything went according to plan. After a giant rainstorm flooded their original outdoor venue, David's dream wedding was a little different, but still super emotional. David reiterated that Patrick was the love of his life and he couldn't wait to spend their lives together in Schitt's Creek.

    4. Alexis Rose


    Alexis underwent arguably the biggest character development during the series and the finale solidified this. Even though her parents are moving to California and David is staying in town, Alexis decided to move to NYC on her own and continue her flourishing career. Of course, it wouldn't be Alexis if something hilarious didn't happen in the final episode, so she accidentally wore a wedding dress to David's wedding. Simply iconic.

    5. Stevie Budd


    After starring in Cabaret, Stevie realized that she could accomplish anything she wanted. While she contemplated leaving town, she ultimately decided that this was where she belonged. With Johnny leaving, Stevie will continue to run Rosebud Motel and will be around to set up more local motels when the time comes.

    6. Patrick Brewer


    Like we said above, the series finale was all about David and Patrick's love. With their outdoor venue flooded, Patrick helped rally the people of Schitt's Creek to turn the town hall into the perfect venue. At their wedding, Patrick sang "Always Be My Baby" during his vows, which further proved that David will always be his Mariah Carey.

    7. Roland and Jocelyn Schitt


    Up until the very end, Roland and Jocelyn continued to be the biggest supporters of Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis. Roland went into business with Johnny and Stevie and even helped close the deal to secure the money they needed. Meanwhile, Jocelyn went above and beyond to help make David and Patrick's wedding special. In the final minutes of the series, Roland gave Johnny the greatest gift of all: He repainted the iconic town sign to include the Rose family.

    8. Twyla Sands


    I think it's safe to say that Twyla had one of the biggest plot twists in the penultimate episode of Schitt's Creek. She revealed to Alexis that she has actually been a multimillionaire this entire time, but she didn't say anything because the Rose family had just lost all of their money. Alexis encouraged Twyla to use her money to do something she really loved, so Twyla bought Café Tropical.

    9. Ted Mullens


    Although Ted didn't appear in the series finale, he remained an important character until the very end. Ted was last seen when he returned from the Galapagos and told Alexis that he got offered a permanent job on the island. In a heartbreaking moment, Alexis and Ted parted ways and realized that while they'll always love each other, it was time to let each other go.

    10. Ronnie Lee


    Ronnie "knew the florist" and helped Patrick and Johnny get some more flowers for the new wedding venue. On top of that, Ronnie sang "Simply the Best" with the Jazzagals at the wedding and it made me sob.

    11. And finally, Bob Currie


    Bob is still hoping that Gwen will come back.

    What did you think of the Schitt's Creek series finale? Tell us in the comments below!