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Baggy throwing gift to a friend

Gifts For Brothers 2022

If your brother is one of those hard-to-shop for family members, don’t worry; we’ve got recommendations for gifts for people you don’t know what to get. Or check out gifts for the whole family so everyone celebrating with you this year can get in on the fun.

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the dome shaped outdoor pizza oven with a pizza being slid into it

A pizza oven the entire family can enjoy — from rolling out the dough and adding toppings to watching it cook over the flame, this ...


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a chart showing "browning levels" for perfect results of differently toasted breads

A see-through toaster, so they can watch their toast get to their *precise* level of preferred toastiness and finally have the kind...


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The white noise machine on a nightstand

A white noise machine that makes a constant pfshhhhhh sound or nature sounds all night, helping mask outside noises like car traffic and t...


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The device on a counter

A frozen yogurt and ice cream maker so you can have your favorite cookies 'n' cream ice cream on demand without having to scour the...


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a model holding the matte sage green pan with a wooden handle and a lid

Our Place's "Always Pan," which is designed to replace eight additional pieces of cookware — your kitchen cabinets will thank you.


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a model doing yoga on a sage green mat

A yoga mat made with eco-conscious materials for anyone who has spent the majority of the year learning to perfect their Baksana po...


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Reviewer image of the black speaker hanging from a suction cup in a shower

A waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker with a hook that attaches right to their curtains or a suction cup to stick it on their tiles...


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The air fryer

An air fryer that can cook so many different dishes using the power of rapid air technology that it'll spoil them for other methods...


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A model securing the stopper on a bottle

A sparkling-wine saver that will keep their bubblies bubbling, so they can pop a bottle any day of the week without worrying about ...


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four tubes of the light green mint cooling primer



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a cute child-sized play house with a light blue tiled roof, white windows, a darker wooden door with windows, and tan wooden like walls

A playhouse for your kids (or friends' kids) that looks like an actual lil' seaside shack and'll make your backyard the go-to desti...


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a pair of black plastic tubes with a slot cut out towards the top of it designed so you can throw a frisbee through it. each tube says "kan jam" in yellow letters

Kan Jam, an outdoor frisbee toss game that'll start as a casual game of catch and most likely evolve into a SUPER competitive battl...


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Unicorn Slime kit opened to reveal contents

A unicorn slime kit with over 22,000 5-star reviews that essentially prove kids and parents alike are big fans.


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Unicorn Slime kit opened to reveal contents

A unicorn slime kit with over 23K 5-star reviews that essentially prove kids and parents alike are big fans.


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a group of kids watching as one of the kids jumps on the stomping portion of the rocket to send it into the air

A Stomp Rocket, capable of launching up to 200 feet, to keep your kids busy and remind them to literally shoot for the stars.


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Cat wearing a banana hat

A mystery box of cat hats for kitty owners who are obsessed with their furry friends.


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close-up of a textured rock with green paint inside the holes and a picker tool scraping paint out of the holes

A pick-and-peel stone for occupying anxious hands and minds.


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