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Assorted gifts

Outdoors Gifts for 2022

Ah the splendors of nature! We’ve got outdoorsy gifts for the hikers, campers, and people who just really love the woods on your list. Or if they’re more of a homebody, something on our list of products to make the most of your backyard is sure to be a hit.

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a model doing yoga on a sage green mat

A yoga mat made with eco-conscious materials for anyone who has spent the majority of the year learning to perfect their Baksana po...


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three seed quilts and the tray they'll grow in

A microgreen starter kit that'll provide your friend with an exciting new at-home activity *and* some delicious add-ins for their s...


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A bendable LED light rope they'll find a new use for every time they venture outside.


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A pocket-size travel blanket with built-in ground stakes for when they see a view worth sitting down for a spell to admire.


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An outdoorsy subscription box — it could be perfect for people who're always posting beautiful Instas like this, but also *really* ...


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A picnic backpack that'll help lengthen their hikes and outdoor rendezvous so they don't have to retreat indoors in search of food....


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A lightweight backpacking hammock built for two — complete with everything they'll need for setup.


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A lightweight (but durable!) wallet made of weather-resistant material that'll get 'em through allll kinds of adventures their leat...


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A tabletop fireplace to ~outshine~ all of their other boring ol' centerpieces.


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And a window-mount bird feeder to help everyone *safely* get up close and personal with the neighborhood songbirds.


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A military-grade compass to easily fit on their belt loop or in their glove compartment.


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a family playing with the golf set in the dark indoors

A glow-in-the-dark mini golf set complete with five holes, two putters, LED golf balls, five tee mats, five obstacles, and black li...


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Reviewer image of two black and yellow camping chairs

heavy-duty chair capable of holding up to 800 pounds (!!!).


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Reviewer image of black and gray chair

A heavy-duty oversized camping chair with a small cooler so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less complaining abou...


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Reviewer image of blue chair

An extra-wide chair with a side table and a hanging armrest caddy just begging to help you organize and hold all your miscellaneous...


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Reviewer photo sitting in chair next to a canyon

A pack of two Sportneer camping chairs equipped with breathable, sweat-proof mesh and only weigh a mere two pounds each.


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the straw balanced on a mug of coffee

A portable brewing straw so your favorite outdoors enthusiast can brew a cup of coffee or tea and drink it — no straining needed th...


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a grill being used to barbecue food and a cooler filled with ice and drinks

A portable charcoal grill that comes in an insulated cooler tote so they can take the cookout anywhere — and once they're set up so...


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