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Baggy throwing gift to a friend

Gifts For Your Partner 2022

Shopping for a significant other can be hard!. Look no further than our guide to meaningful gifts for your significant other. And whether you’ve been together weeks or years, unromantic gifts that say “I love you” are a great way to show you care.

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The white mug with two halves of an Avocado holding hands with the text "You complete me" and the couple's name on the bottom

An avocadorable mug for the person you'd actually let have the last bite of guac.


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The white noise machine on a nightstand

A white noise machine that makes a constant pfshhhhhh sound or nature sounds all night, helping mask outside noises like car traffic and t...


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the hammer with a graphic explaining all the other tools inside

12-in-1 hammer that'll easily transform into two kinds of pliers, a nail claw, a wire cutter, a knife, a saw, a serrated knife, a file, a ...


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Reviewer with black sparkly nails

Latorice dip powder kit you can use to save TONS of dollars on fancy manis without giving up the joy you feel after getting a long ...


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a gif of a buzzfeed employee putting cloud paint on their cheeks

Glossier Cloud Paint, which will add a touch of color to your cheeks with a quick swipe of lotionlike formula.


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the products from the collection

Fluide's Otherworldly Pride Collection, which contains an eight-pan makeup palette starring an array of sparkly colors, a T-shirt, ...


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a model on an echelon spin bike

An Echelon Smart Bike to make you feel like you're in the midst of an intense workout class without the added pressure of actually ...


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The pink coloring book

A _Legally Blonde _...


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The light blue ice cream maker

A pint-sized electric ice cream maker so anyone who believes ice cream is an acceptable breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snac...


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the pink tube that says "thank me later" on it

Elizabeth Mott waterproof eyeshadow primer to keep your beautifully blended eyeshadow in place — you'll be thanking me for this one...


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The book cover

A fill-in-the-blank book so you can spell out all the reasons you love your significant other.


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The screaming goat and a mini booklet of screaming goats

A screaming goat who sits on a tree stump and shrieks whenever you touch it (honestly, same) for the person who's always stressed, ...


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Cat wearing a banana hat

A mystery box of cat hats for kitty owners who are obsessed with their furry friends.


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the black square tracker on a keychain

A two-pack of Tile Bluetooth trackers that'll put a stop to their most-asked question: "Hey, can you call my phone?" 


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close-up of a textured rock with green paint inside the holes and a picker tool scraping paint out of the holes

A pick-and-peel stone for occupying anxious hands and minds.


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hand using the tool to clean hair from the sink

A Beard Buddy if you've told your S.O. approx


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reviewer photo of some death star-shaped iced made using the silicone molds

A pack of two Death Star silicone molds so your S.


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the red paper airplane, a template book, and a smartphone

A smartphone-controlled paper airplane that'll allow your partner to geek out on velocity, turbulence, and general aeronautics in a...


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