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Minority-Owned Business Gift Guide 2022

Looking to support minority-owned businesses in all your shopping? Our list of products from queer and QPOC-owned businesses and Black womxn–owned Etsy shops are both excellent places to start so you can shower everyone you love with cool finds!

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A close-up of one of the rollers showing the gemstone rollerball

An essential oil roll-on based on your astrological sign.


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The woven tan basket with black stripes and pattern attached to the front of a bike

A bicycle basket handwoven in Ghana from locally sourced straw, so it will be a beautiful addition to the front of their bike *and*...


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A pink pack of long matches

A set of magical wand matches so you can dramatically whisper "Incendio" as you light your candles.


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The variety pack, which features coffee from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Colombia, and Papaua New Guinea

A coffee sampler pack so you can take the time to explore your taste preferences while simultaneously supporting a queer-owned busi...


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Model uses Gilded Body Marble Body Brush to exfoliate legs

A Gilded Body Marble Body Brush made for dry brushing and exfoliating dead skin cells, making their skin feel so soft, smooth, and ...


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hand with various colored glitter lucky gems rings

A Glitter Lucky Gems Ring because if your friendship started in the 2000s, then it's only fitting that you gift them a truly nostal...


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person wears the future is female tee

A statement graphic tee if they're all for female empowerment and smashing the patriarchy.


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Three lipstick tubes in red, pink, and gold

A vegan liquid matte lipstick by The Lip Bar in their best-selling shade "Bawse Lady" so you can rock a bold color, feel confident ...


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The body mist

A crystal-infused Goddess Mist crafted with witch hazel and lavender essential oil that you can use to spray your body for some goo...


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Illustrated postcards laid out on display

An illustrated postcard of NYC's boroughs that'll hang beautifully on your bedroom walls.


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The bottle of hair gel

An innovative hair gel that'll give you soft, luscious, crunch-free curls while providing soft-to-medium hold.


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The pin, which looks like a Lays chip bag but instead of Lays it says Gays and the flavor is Flaming Hot

An iconic pin because if we're being real, gays are the original salty snack.


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The earrings laying on a mirror

A set of asymmetrical hoops you'll reach for again and again because — hear me out — these are really cool.


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The jar of hair product

Mo Knows Hair Curl Restoring Treatment formulated with quinoa protein, mongongo oil, and mango butter to restore moisture-protein b...


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The nine-shade eyeshadow palette

Mented Cosmetics Everyday Eyeshadow Palette full of warm browns that'll give all the melanated makeup-lovers the perfect no-makeup ...


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Three mini lipstick tubes in different shades of red

A Pat McGrath Labs LUST: Mini MatteTrance Lipstick Trio because what's a makeup bag without products by the MOTHER of makeup? These...


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three cups of colorful brewed tea

A monthly tea box subscription so you can try so many different teas on a consistent shipping schedule.


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the big marshmallows with dr. fauci on them

Jumbo marshmallows with Dr.


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a glass mason jar with a handle a white sticker that says "coffee is always a good idea"

A mason jar with a sticker that says "iced coffee is always a good idea" for your caffeinated love bug who sips on *the good stuff*...


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