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    35 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Your BFF

    From jewelry, to candy, to self-care products — they deserve it all, just for being the best BFF EVER.

    1. A 24-pair earring set — perfect for any studs wearer who's always losing their earrings. These come in silver, gold, and a mixed metals option so you'll be able to gift them whichever jewelry finish they wear most.

    2. A Glitter Lucky Gems Ring because if your friendship started in the 2000s, then it's only fitting that you gift them a truly nostalgic piece of jewelry that screams, "let me grab my Hitclips and Dunkaroos, and let's go to the mall."

    hand with various colored glitter lucky gems rings

    3. A long-sleeve open front cardigan they can style with practically any outfit in their closet. Dress? Add the cardigan. Jeans and a cute top? Add the cardigan. Cute button-down shirt? Cardigan.

    4. A portable label maker for the friend who def watches way too many episodes of The Home Edit on Netflix. This will take their organization obsession to new heights.

    5. A bottle of Rock Grace Non-Alcoholic Crystal Elixir so they can enjoy some tasty mocktails while they get their Netflix binge-watching on. (Psst — it's also all natural, calorie-free, and sugar-free.)

    Rock Grace crystal elixir

    6. A set of glass pitchers because they deserve some self pampering. These can hold a variety of their own home-made spa waters while they have themselves a "me day."

    glass pitchers with fruit waters

    7. A monochromatic spatula set if they're prepping to be on the next season of The Great British Baking Show and need some secret weapons for all the cakes and cookies they'll be making.

    red spatula set

    8. A Vera Bradley Teddy Fleece Backpack — perfect for the person who's obsessed with anything sherpa (guilty as charged). It features a polyester patterned lining and several zipper pockets for maximum organization.

    9. A Winky Lux Skincare Set in the most Valentine's Day worthy packaging. It features a petal cleanser, Orange You Bright toner, and a dream gelée so their skincare routine can be effortless. *Happy V-Day Skincare Babes*

    Winky Lux skincare set

    10. A leopard fleece throw blanket that can be styled on their couch or bed for a pop of pattern and for when they're in the mood to snuggle.

    grey leopard throw blanket

    11. A cosmetics case large enough to fit their entire repertoire of must-have makeup. There's even a brush organization section!

    12. Also, a makeup sponge holder so they can protect their beloved Beauty Blenders from being crushed by their other products. It can fit practically any size sponge!

    13. A pair of Baublebar x Disney earrings featuring the ducking best couple ever. I may or may not have gotten these for myself...

    14. A set of hydrating sheet masks because they can never have too many on their quest for glowy skin.

    Set of 16 different face sheet masks

    15. A pair of fuzzy slippers because they'll need to keep their toesies warm around the house *but* stylishly.

    Person wears fuzzy slippers in pink

    16. An array of nail art stickers to mix and match to their liking for a kawaii-esque mani. The hardest choice of all is deciding between avocados, cherries, and baby cacti for their next polish change.

    17. A KKW Fragrance Hearts Gold Perfume featuring notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom, and vanilla bean for a truly luxe perfume experience. The bottle itself is a work of art.

    18. A pretty, iridescent AirPods case so they can differentiate their headphones case from everyone else's while keeping them protected from scratches and discoloration.

    Model holding white iridescent AirPods case

    19. A statement graphic tee if they're all for female empowerment and smashing the patriarchy.

    person wears the future is female tee

    20. A Lilly Pulitzer headband to add a pop of color to their next 'do. This is perf for second or third day hair (and the best part is, no one will ever know).

    lilly pulitzer printed headband

    21. A dainty necklace in case they're never fully dressed without a cute accessory and this simple necklace is the epitome of a cute accessory.

    the necklace with a gold chain

    22. An Essence Lash Princess Mascara for the self-proclaimed beauty guru who's always game to try new products. This mascara defines and separates lashes at a ridiculously inexpensive price. It won't flake or fade and it's also cruelty-free!

    23. A set of bath bombs that will fizz and foam in the bath for a self-pampering sesh they need after a long hard day's work. *Alexa play, "A Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles*

    bath bomb set in packaging

    24. A dual-sided laptop cleaner — a cute and compact brush that will help them get rid of smudges and fingerprints on their screen, as well as crumbs in their keyboard. The quicker their laptop is cleaned, the more quickly they can get back to being a total boss.

    25. A Stoney Clover bubblegum pencil case they can use for their plethora of writing utensils ~OR~ as a makeup brush case (which I use mine for — and it's amazing).

    26. A Machete claw clip in a stunning tortoise checker print so they can forgo the scrunchies and opt for a more timeless hair accessory.

    Heirloom claw clips in tortoise checker

    27. A sleeping eye mask with built-in Bluetooth headphones so they can fall asleep to the masterpiece that is Olivia Rodrigo's "Driver's License."

    A person wearing the eye mask

    28. A two-piece monochromatic loungewear set because staying comfy, cozy will pay off when they're snuggled up on the couch and ready for a movie night (or snapping a cute mirror selfie).

    29. A pop culture candle in case they can never have enough "need to watch" series in their Netflix queue. Bridgerton? Vampire Diaries? These candles deserve Emmys.

    30. A heart-eyes 😍 worthy nail polish duo so their mani and pedi can be Cupid-approved.

    31. An Atlas Coffee Club Subscription because every caffeine fanatic deserves to live in the lap of ~coffee luxury.~ Customize their first box with a selection of grind, roast, and product amount.

    atlas coffee club box

    32. A Casetify x Hello Kitty Produce Sticker Case featuring the Sanrio icon herself. If they're mirror selfie royalty then they're sure to take some stellar mirror selfies with this ~purrrrrrfect~ case in hand.

    Ali Faccenda taking mirror selfie with hello kitty phone case

    33. A Dylan's Candy Bar "I Chews You" Tacklebox including an array of mouth-watering candies to satisfy their sweet and sour palette.

    Dylan's candy bar candy tacklebox

    34. A relaxing Buddha board to doodle their worries away that's also crazy satisfying. Whenever they need to let off some steam, this board will be their BFF.

    The Buddha board with the words "this too shall pass" drawn on it

    35. And a slim credit card wallet for the friend who's always overpacking their handbag. This will fit perfectly into their holy grail cross-body bags and will cut down their tendencies to cram more things than they need into their purse.

    Sorry besties, if I gift you any of these I will be borrowing XOXO

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