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    24 Things To Help You Be More Mindful In 2021

    Tools to help you slow down — and make a habit of it.

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    1. A copy of 10% Happier, a self-help book for self-help skeptics that's part autobiography, part spiritual journey. It approaches mindfulness from a more scientific perspective, so if you're curious about meditation, but the whole scene feels a little too woo-woo for ya, give this a read.

    The cover

    2. A ceramic incense stick burner that doubles as a stylish storage solution for all your not-in-use sticks. Think of it as your home's ready-made station for aromatic ~rest and relaxation~.

    3. And a stick incense variety pack with five different gemstone-themed scents from Shoyeido, one of the oldest traditional Japanese incense companies. So, it's safe to say they know a thing or two about good incense.

    Five different-colored boxes of Shoyeido Natural Incense

    4. An infinity cube fidget toy that'll keep your hands busy while your mind is handling more important tasks — like being present.

    5. A cotton meditation cushion to offer your aching back and knees the support they need to momentarily shut up while you recenter and focus on your breath.

    6. An acupressure mat and pillow set with thousands of stimulation points so you can regularly enjoy the potential health benefits of acupuncture — pain relief, increased energy, better blood circulation — from the comfort of your own home! No pain, no gain, am I right?

    7. A Headspace app subscription that'll give you access to a digital library filled with hours upon hours of guided meditations, animated lessons, and mindfulness tools designed to tackle everything from sleep to stress. You can even pick your meditation teacher for each session (Andy's soothing British accent is my personal fav).

    An illustration of an orange circle with a smiling face

    8. An Echo Dot you can install with a variety of skills to turn your smart speaker into an all-in-one sound machine, guided meditation teacher, private DJ, daily affirmations coach, and so much more. All you gotta do is give Alexa a shout!

    9. A cacao turmeric blend to add to milk, coffee, water (you name it!) for a tasty hot cocoa-like experience that's packed with antioxidants and minerals.

    10. A timed lockbox you might recognize from Shark Tank that forces positive habit formation by *literally* locking away distractions for a set amount of time. Throw your phone or game controller into temptations jail, set the timer, and let the box compensate for your lack of self-control.

    11. A guided five-minute journal with easy-to-fill-out daily prompts designed to help anyone develop a journaling habit in just a couple minutes a day. It's a mindful way to start and end the day that might just leave you feeling a little more optimistic than the usual doomscrolling does.

    12. A Fitbit Sense smartwatch with a variety of built-in health monitors that measure heart rate, skin temperature, and even electrodermal activity, which can help you better understand how your body reacts to stress and strategies to get your mind and body on the same page.

    13. A fragrant mala bead mindfulness bracelet that gently vibrates every 60 or 90 minutes (you choose) to prompt a pause from your hectic day to practice mindfulness in whatever way feels right to you — meditate, pray, or simply reflect on how you're feeling!

    14. A smart water bottle that tracks your water intake via Bluetooth, glowing periodically to remind you to take a beat and take care of yourself via proper hydration. You water your plants, now water yourself.

    15. A pack of meditation taper candles made from all-natural beeswax that each burn for roughly 20 minutes, during which all you need to do is relax, close your eyes, and breath in that sweet honey scent.

    16. A Wi-Fi-connected oil diffuser and humidifier to bring your aromatherapy routine into the 21st century. Set schedules, adjust vapor pressure, and change light color — all with your phone or voice!

    17. An enamel pin you can attach to a favorite bag or jacket for a helpful mindfulness reminder wherever you go!

    A round enamel pin with a black background and metallic mountainscape with text that reads "Be Present"

    18. A manual scalp massager so you have the tools you need to give you a head massage when no one is around and you're forced to take your self-care needs into your own hands.

    19. A hand-thrown stoneware mug with a built-in mindfulness exercise à la the curved labyrinth motif you can trace your finger through as you sip your way to relaxation.

    A model holding the meditation mug and tracing their finger on the grooved design

    20. And artisan candle subscription box that sends a sweet-smelling surprise every month, so you'll always have a high-quality, all-natural candle on-hand when you finally have a moment to yourself and need to create a little *ambience*.

    An open Vellabox filled with two candles labeled "Pumpkin Spice" and "Apple Orchard"

    21. A paint-by-diamonds kit that takes the relaxing adult coloring trend but adds shimmery 3D pieces and ASMR (the sound of the diamonds sticking into place is just...*chefs kiss*). This kit has everything you need to get started and offers hours of soothing entertainment.

    22. A box of mindfulness cards each featuring a bite-size enlightenment exercise that makes it easy to integrate mindfulness into your everyday routine. Pull an intention for the day, the week, or display these pretty cards around the home as inspiring reminders.

    23. A self-care subscription box that comes filled with therapeutic products and "happiness activities" to encourage you to take a little "me time." Besides, who couldn't use a little extra dose of dopamine nowadays?

    A model holding a book titled "Self care" siting in front of a box filled with various wellness products

    24. The Little Book of Daily Ritual, a self-care how-to book filled with with over 80 guided practices to help you develop self-care rituals for every mood, whether you need to recharge or reflect. Bonus: Reviewers note it looks pretty on a coffee table, too!

    "The Little Book of Daily Rituals" by Viki Vrint book cover

    You at the end of 2021 with all your new-found calm:

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