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    The Best Valentine's Day Gifts To Give In 2021

    Cupid himself couldn't have thought up better Valentine's Day gifts.

    1. A makeup palette designed to look like a book of love spells for your S.O. who loves a theme as much as they love their makeup.

    2. An extremely glamorous padded and embellished headband that'll make them feel like the belle of the ball on Zoom calls.

    3. Rosetta Stone Language Software so your partner can discover what their true *love language* is.

    4. A matching bra and panty set you can buy for yourself since *you* are the best gift they're ever gonna get for Valentine's Day.

    a model in an unlined lace red bra and matching underwear

    5. A reel viewer you can fill with photos of the two of you together for a nostalgic gift they'll talk about for ages.

    A classic reel viewer with reels featuring custom photos

    6. A Google Nest they'll love because they can use it to listen to music (kitchen dance party!?), adjust the lights in their home, pause their TV, and ask it questions as if they have a personal assistant.

    the google nest speaker in pink

    7. A coin necklace featuring Vice President Kamala Harris, a powerhouse and icon they'll absolutely love adding into their jewelry collection.

    a silver and a gold necklace with a coin featuring kamala harris on it

    8. A unique book featuring 70 detailed pages that'll describe their personality traits and insights about their birth chart based on their birthday — a fantastic gift for your partner who reads their horoscope every morning.

    the book open to a page about understanding your natal chart

    9. A love language card game you two can make a date night out of, perfect for anyone whether you've just started dating *or* known each other forever.

    Love Language packaging

    10. A Valentine-themed puzzle toy for your pup you can use to properly theme their playtime and surprise them with — we both know they're the real love of your life, even if you have a human partner.

    a box of plush chocolates for dogs to play with

    11. A sherpa-lined trucker jacket that'll leave your beloved looking as adorable as Olivia Rodrigo in the "Driver's License" video when she's subtly giving a nod to one of Joshua Bassett's looks ... just don't follow in the steps of their relationship.

    12. A candle that'll serve as both a gift and an act of kindness — it smells fantastic and each purchase supports women transitioning out of homelessness and other hardships.

    a candle with a wood wick and a label that says "new beginnings"

    13. A Baked by Melissa Valentine's Day gift box filled with 25 bite-sized treats your love will, well, love! Fingers crossed they're open to sharing with you.

    the valentine's day themed box of cupcakes

    14. Perfume encased by a metallic heart for your partner who would really quite enjoy smelling like a Kardashian sister — I know I would.

    a rose gold, gold, and silver perfume heart

    15. A rather spot-on Bridgerton-inspired mug to pay tribute to the weekend you locked yourselves in your apartment to binge the show and all the hours since that you've spent trying to perfect your English accent.

    a white mug with thin black writing that says "goals: be the spoon in season 2 of bridgerton" on it

    16. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite that'll let them store tons of books in one place and let them take their current read on the go.

    17. An oversized cozy pullover from Aerie to make them as feel snug as a bug in a rug.

    a model in a mustard yellow plush pullover

    18. A cedar and sagebrush scented candle from P.F. Candle Co. that'll hopefully make up for the fact you'd ideally never want to go camping with them.

    a rustic brown glass candle

    19. A Yeti tumbler in their favorite color (might I suggested ice pink for V-Day?) to keep their ice coffee as chill as they are and their hot tea as steamy as your relationship.

    20. An "Among Us" composition book to make up for the time you murdered them in cold blood when you were the imposter — this is a shout-out to my husband who BETRAYED ME in front of all of our friends. The nerve, amiright?

    a reviewer's notebook with among us avatars all over it

    21. Adorable candy heart stickers with appropriate phrases for celebrating a socially distant Valentine's Day — your partner will simply love 'em.

    22. A mason jar with a sticker that says "iced coffee is always a good idea" for your caffeinated love bug who sips on *the good stuff* even when it's below freezing outside.

    a glass mason jar with a handle a white sticker that says "coffee is always a good idea"

    23. A stylish Disney plush with a sense of fashion I can guarantee will make any fan of The Mouse squeal with delight.

    24. A personalized kit designed to help them zen out — they'll love filling their bathroom with the scent of lavender and sipping tea out of a mug with their name and horoscope sign on it.

    a box with an aerosol spray of lotion, a lavender bar of soap, and a camper mug

    25. A Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figure to keep them company at their desk while they sift through endless emails.

    26. A chic shoulder bag from Rebecca Minkoff with chain detailing they'll be absolutely floored you managed to pick out all on your own (except, I guess I helped you so...we'll keep that a secret).

    a model holding a leather bag with chain detailing

    27. An entire feast from Maine complete with lobsters, lobster mac and cheese, lobster bisque, and whoopie pies that'll ensure your at-home celebration feels absolutely luxurious.

    all of the food offered in the package

    28. A succulent garden, complete with a heart-shaped Hoya plant to quite literally show them you love them. It'll look great alongside all of their other plant babies.

    a white box with a pink cactus and a heart-shaped plant

    29. A starter kit from Mineral Air complete with an air brushing tool that'll let your boo live out their makeup artist dreams all day every day — so fabulous!

    30. A bedazzled stackable intial ring they can use to subtly add a little shimmer 'n' shine to their daily baubles.

    31. A throw pillow with a Valentine's Day-themed banner on it for your S.O. who loves redecorating your digs for every holiday.

    a tan lumbar pillow with an "xoxo" designed banner across it

    32. Poppi prebiotic soda, a must-have for your partner who relishes flavorful drinks but is tired of sipping on sugary refreshments — you'll get major points for being so thoughtful!

    Hand holding the can of strawberry lemonade soda

    33. A personalized box of M&M's that'll spell out exactly how you feel about your one true love (or anyone in your life who enjoys a sweet treat).

    red and white m and ms in a clear box that spells out love

    34. A splurge-worthy Barefoot Dreams blanket starring Mickey and Minnie they can showcase 24/7 on the couch when they're not wrapped up in it.

    a model wrapped in a white blanket with a silhouette of mickey and minnie kissing on it

    35. Blush bomb color drops from Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty to bring as much life to their cheeks as they do to your entire world.

    six tubes of different colored liquid blush

    36. A chunky signet ring that'll leave your special Valentine *starry-eyed* each time they wear it.

    a square chunky gold ring with a star in the center with a stone in the middle

    37. An under-eye brightening corrector from BECCA Cosmetics that might seem like a strange gift at face value, but is actually what your makeup-obsessed galentine has likely been trying to track down since seeing it blow up on TikTok.

    38. A gift certificate to the Bronx Zoo for a virtual hangout with one of their favorite animals — they'll get up close and personal (from a distance) with a warthog, porcupine, cheetah, penguin, or sloth!

    a close up of a cheetah during a virtual encounter

    39. A stylish watch that'll add a pop of color to their daily ensemble — and because it's probably *about time* they upgraded their most-used accessory.

    a model wearing a watch with a green face and brown leather band

    40. A Pokémon card that'll combine two of their favorite things: their pet and Pokémon!

    41. A heart-shaped box filled with a sampling of beef jerky inside, perfect for anyone who prefers salty to sweet.

    a heart shaped box filled with jerky

    42. A carbonated bubble clay mask with over 6,000 5-star reviews that starts to bubble once it's applied — get one for each of you and prepare for a fun night of selfies (all the while banishing your blackheads).