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Assorted gifts

TV and Movie Products We Love for 2022

Hey pop culture fans! We found the best merch for all your favorite shows and movies, like Harry Potter merchandise, Disney gifts, and more.

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Two models wear the Netflix and Chill sweatshirts

A pair of Netflix and Chill sweatshirts that the two of you can split *or* you can give them both so they can wear whichever applie...


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The earrings which look like Colin Firth's face

A pair of Mark Darcy earrings for anyone who thinks he's a real ~stud~.


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The print with the film title, quotes, and an illustration of a dinner set with text "I'll have what she's having" on the plate

A mid-century inspired print celebrating our favorite 1989 classic for anyone who simply can't think about the Met Museum, autumn l...


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The mug

An iconic "What, like it's hard?" mug sure to give their morning coffee (and their confidence) a little something extra, dontcha th...


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A glittery wineglass you'll be more than ready to break out when your kiddo asks you to watch Finding Nemo for the 10th time that d...


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mug with baby yoda cartoon on it sipping from his own little mug. Words say, "But first, sippy sip." Awww!

A ceramic mug for folks who love themselves some Baby Yoda AND live for a good mug of hot tea.


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A Pixar-inspired popcorn machine, because what would go better with a never-ending Disney movie marathon than a delicious snack?


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A pineapple house planter that'll finally encourage them to keep a plant alive.


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A recruitment poster for the Night's Watch if you're willing to be the shield that guards the realms of men.


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A not-your-average "in this house" print that'll probably catch your guests off guard — but you won't care! You want people to be a...


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the back of the front of the mystic calls timberwolves sweatshirt

A Mystic Falls Timberwolves sweatshirt if they're always complaining about the lack of school spirit (and vampires, werewolves, and...


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the slow cooker with animated Star Wars characters all over it including R2D2, Princess Leia, Darth Vadar, and more

A 2-quart slow cooker to make yummy appetizers and dips that the galactic allies in their house won't be able to stop munching on a...


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reviewer image of them in the brown flavor Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Removable Hood

A rugged brown leather jacket because they've already got the mischievously plucky attitude, and this was all that was missing to turn the...


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The cover of #veryfat #verybrave

#VERYFAT #VERYBRAVE — full of gorgeous bikini shots and ~cheeky~ bits of advice for being a brave, fat person, this debut from Nicole Byer...


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An UP doormat to remind homebodies who would rather spend every waking moment watching movies that Carl found the love of his life ...


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A Mama Coco enamel pin you'll love so much you'd never EVER consider trading it — not even for a super rare one.


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the tiny figures

A set of tree spirits from Princess Mononoke they can add to a planter or simply keep at their desk for some much-needed company.


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An actual, gorgeous, beautiful, amazing Dundie Award you deserve to own for having the whitest sneakers, AND for being the hottest ...


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A WALL-E eyeshadow palette that'll make sure your makeup looks *out of this world*.


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