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51 Of The Best Gifts For All The Guys In Your Life

Unique, fun, practical gifts for your dad, brother, significant other, cousin — or literally anybody in your life.

1. A three-speed Bluetooth vinyl player with a sleek wood design for a jam session that is as equally suave as their taste in a music.

2. A tabletop fireplace to ~outshine~ all of their other boring ol' centerpieces. The glass can be removed for s'more roasting, and do I need even need to say more?!

The small tabletop fireplace with rocks and a small flame

3. A beard grooming and trimming kit (that comes in a very gift-friendly box!), because ya simply can't go wrong with something that says, you have a great beard, here are a bunch of cool beard things.

reviewer image of the beard kit in the gift box

4. A skull ice mold, because why (WHY!!!) would they use boring ice cubes to chill their cocktail when they could be using THIS? Fancy, but make it dead.

5. A memory foam seat cushion for the practical guy in your life, because there's no better gift than the gift of comfort.

seat cushion placed on a car seat

6. A pair of trusty ol' hiking boots, because it's time to retire the last pair they've walked a thousand miles in. Get them out exploring in this fresh new pair that's both waterproof and breathable.

REI Co-Op hiking boots styled in a pile of leaves

7. A duffel bag with the most nifty design that allows them to pack their suit, shoes, and travel goods so efficiently, it'll make work trips a total breeze.

8. A "biker chick" chicken stand that's a sure way to get a smile outta the grill dad in your life. I got this for my own dad, and the man laughed until sundown.

photo author took of chicken resting on the stand on top of a grill

9. A sleek, minimalist wallet and money clip that can fit up to 12 cards — which means they can finally downsize from their bulky, worn-out one.

10. Bad Sweater — a bottle that isn't your average whiskey. This handsomely dressed drink is aged for four years and has added notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla. Is this their new favorite? No doubt.

"Bad Sweater" whiskey wearing a tiny bad sweater and styled on a table

11. A pair of leather Greats guaranteed to become the most stylish thing in their wardrobe. Their jeans, tees, and entire closet are about to love you just as much as they do.

Model tying a pair of tan leather Greats

12. A HyperChiller — their new way to easily chill their morning brew for a perfect iced coffee. But they don't have to stop there, this thing can quickly chill other beverages, too. Crisp rosé, anyone??

hyperchiller next to a cup of iced coffee

13. A beer cap map of their state for keeping track of all the amazing craft brews they try. Finally! A fun place for their cap collection.

14. A portable, electric pellet Traeger grill featuring a 4-pound capacity hopper that'll keep up the heat for hours on end so they can enjoy slow-cooked, delicious ribs on their next camping/tailgating adventure.

the portable grill set up next to a river and cooking steaks

15. A pre-shave oil to help prevent irritation and razor burn. The scent is inspired by cask-aged bourbon and is formulated with botanical ingredients and essential oils. TL;DR: Their skin is bound to love this heavenly stuff.

Person holding the bottle of the pre-shave oil. It has a pretty black and gold label.

16. A sleek little diffuser they can keep right next to their at-home desk, couch, or literally at their side 24/7, because they should be able to smell peppermint essential oils day and night! Period!

diffuser placed on top of book next to essential oils

17. A faaaancy automatic spice grinder with interchangeable pods that easily click in and out, so they can swap in the salt, grind, and swap out for the pepper. It's *truly* that simple.

18. A crackling wood wick candle with a cyprus and sage scent that's made to smell like a warm mountain breeze. And with a 40 hour burn time made with natural coconut wax, they'll enjoy this goodie for many self care days.

"alpine sage" scent candle styled outside

19. A leather weekender bag for the guy who is always on the go, whether that's for lots of work trips or back and forth from college.

20. A classic insulated Carhartt jacket that's gonna see them through many winters. Really, this hardworking coat will be around long after their others.

person wearing the Carhartt jacket with gloves

21. A can't-go-wrong bottle of Mike's Hot Honey you better bee-lieve they can smother on everything from pizza to cocktails.

22. A salt shooter so they can hunt the trickiest game out there: those pesky houseflies. That...or use it to season their food in the most exciting way possible.

Reviewer holding the salt shooter in backyard

23. A gourmet meat box from Porter Road featuring all their best cuts and meats. Everything is hormone free and pasture raised with no antibiotics. Just a fair warning that their entire neighborhood might be stopping by once they get a whiff of this cookin' up in their kitchen.

different raw cuts and types of meats styled out on a table

24. A Deeper smart sonar that scans the water so the fishing fanatic in your life has all the information they need to make the perfect cast.

25. A coffee subscription box so he can drink coffee from countries around the world even if he hasn't bean there before.

A birds eye view of the subscription box, bags of coffee, and cups of coffee spread out on table

26. A truffle condiment set for the foodie at heart. With this in their pantry, they'll be able to whip up some impressive meals — which hey, sounds like something you could benefit from. *Nudge, nudge* dinner is at their house.

The set laid out to see all of the contents

27. An Xbox series wireless headset to transform their gaming experience. With these, they can connect to both their Xbox and phone at the *same* time, use for up to 15 hours on one battery charge, and customize their audio experience with a click of an app.

person wearing headphones and talking into mic

28. Funky whiskey glasses because someone who ~rocks~ as much as they do deserves a pair of luxe drinking vessels.

Two glass whiskey glasses with a bottom that's shifted to the side

29. A Good Hair scarf from Nappy Head Club made in a Georgette Crêpe — a lightweight and sheer fabric that'll protect their curls and coily tresses.

30. A luxurious bedding set for making them feel like the king that they are. It comes with a duvet cover, sheets, two pillowcases, and the option to pick between different colors and prints.

31. A pair of ultra comfy indoor felt slippers made with 100% natural wool and a leather outsole that'll contour their feet and easily become their most beloved house shoe.

A pair of slip-on Glerups slippers set atop a leather bag

32. A gorgeous cheese board and cutlery set, because the host with the most needs The Most extra cheese board. This'll do.

reviewer image of cheese board prepared with tons of snacks

33. And! Platters and Boards — a helpful guide with presentation tips and charcuterie board ideas so they can pack their new serving platter with yummy foods and treats that are both savory and sweet.

34. A towel warmer because nothing says "I love you" like a device that heats up their pajamas while they're showering in the dead of winter.

The circular-shaped bin in grey with a lid and wood handle and a small screen on the front

35. A gemstone guitar pick inspired by each month's birthstone so they can strum away with something extra special.

Five guitar picks in different gem stones

36. An eight-person tent with a screened-in, covered awning to get the whole family excited about spending time outdoors — which...it absolutely will. Hello, this view!!!

37. A custom desktop calendar from CVS Photo featuring all of their favorite people they can admire while working. Each month they'll get to enjoy a new photo picked out by you. What's more special than that?!

wood block calendar styled on desk

38. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat — a wildly popular cookbook that'll take them from amateur cook to professional chef once they're finished with it.