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    37 Gifts Dad Will Actually Be Excited To Open On Father's Day

    If Father's Day snuck up on you this year, have no fear, one of these gifts will be *chef's kiss* and dad will def agree.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Father's Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the June 19th!

    1. A phone camera lens kit so they can continue being the "cool dad" they are and document all of life's memories. This high-def, 4-in-1 kit will come in handy when they want to take some cool nature photos or perhaps some sunset pics for their new 'gram (that you probs helped them create).

    2. A Sidetrak portable monitor they'll be so grateful for when it comes to tackling WFH tasks. If they're always squinting and complaining about how small their laptop screen is, adding this monitor will elevate them to CEO status. (Psst — this is also a great gift if dad is a video gamer and would appreciate a monitor they can move around the house)!

    This monitor has great picture quality with its HD, LED, and anti-glare screen. It has HDMI and USB-C ports and can work with a ton of operating systems like Mac, PC, Chrome, PS4, Xbox, Raspberry Pi, and Nintendo Switch. 

    Promising review: "This gadget has been a lifesaver! I give frequent virtual presentations and needed a lightweight extra screen that could not only move desk to desk in moments in a shared office space, but also go in a suitcase for travel. This is PERFECT! It’s plug and play — seriously. The portability really can’t be beat! I’ve recommended it to many of my colleagues. I’m thrilled with the purchase!" —Cooking Nomad

    Shipping Info: Available on Amazon Prime with free one-day shipping; non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Father's Day. Check out Amazon's shipping policy here.

    Get it from Amazon for $289.99

    3. A white truffle-infused hot sauce in case they're a HUGE foodie and is never not pouring a condiment on their morning scrambled eggs (or any meal for that matter).

    4. stuffed hamburger press so they can fill their burgers with a slew of ingredients like cheese, veggies, and sauces.

    Promising review: "This is really awesome. It's easy to wash. No more odd-shaped burgers that fall apart. I enjoyed my bacon and cheddar juicy lucy!" —Male, 50 Average Joe

    Shipping Info: Available on Amazon Prime with free one-day shipping; non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Father's Day. Check out Amazon's shipping policy here.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.20.

    5. An unbelievably adorable display stand perfect for their reading glasses so you won't have to ever relive the "Where are my glasses? Oh they're on my head" saga again.

    6. A Book of the Month subscription since they deserve something that they'll get to customize to their likes (reading likes that is). Each month they choose from several top-notch and newly released reads...talk about a cool gift.

    7. A waterproof phone pouch to protect their mobile device if they love doing outdoorsy activities like fishing, boating, or hiking. Their phone will stay in pristine condition and if they happens to accidentally drop it in a river, they're covered.

    8. A fill-in-the-blank book so you can give them something thoughtful and from the heart they'll cherish for Father's Days to come.

    Person holding the book titled What I Love About Dad by Me

    9. A pair of Bose wireless noise-cancelling headphones in case you're tired of hearing them listen to their daily podcasts OUT LOUD. These will also be perf for their travels, workouts, or even work sessions where they're looking to listen to a killer playlist.

    the white bose headphones in their case on a desk

    10. A fourth-gen Echo Dot that'll be their new lil' sidekick. This beauty can tell time, set alarms, order food, and play their favorite jams.

    11. A set of diamond-shaped whiskey glasses for drinking their special bar cart spirits in absolute style.

    Reviewer image of the filled glasses beside a bottle of whiskey and some steak

    12. A pair of LED flashlight gloves if they've deemed themself "Mr. Fixit" in your household and these would probably be beneficial for their toolbox.

    reviewer image of a dad wearing the gloves and trying to get splinter out of his son's hand

    13. A set of Bear Paws shredder claws perfect for the grill master who loves a good shredded chicken or pulled pork dish. They can toss the forks away and say hello to their new shredding bff.

    14. A jerky advent-style calendar featuring 25 beef jerky bites and some incredible laughworthy dad jokes.

    The box the calendar comes in with the words "Beef Jerky Dad-vent Calendar" on the front with the 25 jerky bits on display

    15. A beer dispenser to turn any beer into a nitro-style draft that's refreshing, frothy, and has a rich and creamy foam.

    reviewer image of beer dispenser on counter

    16. A memory foam seat cushion they can add to their desk chair so their bum is supported and comfortable from here on out. The gel-base inside the pillow helps relieve pressure and improves posture.

    Reviewer image of the cushion on their office chair

    17. A Tushy bidet that's super easy to install on their current porcelain throne for a royal rinse.

    18. A Georgetown Cupcake arrangement because dad deserves to indulge in some tasty sweet treats. Just think — odds are they probs can't eat all of them by themself, which means some for you too! 

    georgetown cupcake father's day cupcake arrangement

    This gourmet arrangement features the following flavors: one salted caramel, one "DAD" chocolate and light blue buttercream, one coffee toffee, one peanut butter fudge, one mocha chocolate chip, one red velvet with "Happy Father’s Day" fondant, one cookies and crème birthday fudge, one chocolate squared, one lava fudge, one "DAD" vanilla and light blue buttercream, one chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, and one peanut butter banana fudge.

    Shipping Info: Expedited next-day and two-day shipping options are available at additional cost. Click here for more info. 

    Get it from 1800Baskets for $69.99

    19. bundle of decadent meat products so they'll never run out of something to toss on the grill. This sampler will give them *googly eyes* — especially the Wagyu beef.

    an array of meat
    KC Cattle Co.

    KC Cattle Co. is a veteran-owned business based in, you guessed it, Kansas City.  Free local delivery is available for orders over $50. This sampler comes with two Wagyu top sirloin steaks, a 3- to 4-pound Wagyu roast, a pound of Wagyu ground beef, and a pack of their world-famous gourmet hot dogs. 

    Shipping Info: Orders between $50 and $299.99 include $16.99 flat ground shipping and take between one and three days. Orders over $300 get free shipping. Next-day and two-day express shipping available at additional cost. Check out their full shipping policy here.

    Get it from KC Cattle Co. for $131.99 (originally $146.97).

    20. A pair of Tree Dashers from Allbirds perfect for the dad who's always on the go. Whether they're running, hiking, trekking to the super market, or just trying to put together a great outfit — these shoes will come in clutch.

    21. A julep cocktail kit if they're always looking to play bartender and love exploring refreshing warm-weather bevvys. 

    person making julep with kit
    everything included in kit
    Bespoke Post

    This kit comes with a set of two silver-plated julep cups, a set of julep spoon/straws, a crushed ice tray, a smash wood cocktail muddler, and simple syrup. Alcohol is not included so be sure to pick up one you think he'll love! 

    Shipping Info: Expedited two-day shipping options are available at additional cost. Click here for more info. 

    Get it from Bespoke Post for $70

    22. A massage gun for a little extra TLC wherever they need it. If they're an avid gym goer or athlete, this gun is a must.

    The massage gun with the included accessories

    23. An inflatable lounger for the backyard, poolside, or oceanside that they can kick back and relax in with a cold one in hand. Ah — the life.

    Reviewer sitting in the inflatable couch at the beach

    24. An incredible multi-tool with a ton of amazing features (it's 40 tools in one *gasps*) that is the size of a credit card. A wrench, screwdriver, bottle opener, pry bar, cord cutter, and hex bit driver are just SOME of the incredible things this lil' bb functions as.

    25. A portable espresso maker so they can get their caffeine pick-me-up anywhere. This is great if they'll be traveling somewhere where there's no Starbs in sight.

    26. A camping hammock in case they're always trying to find time to kick back and relax. It can be attached to their car or surrounding trees for a relaxing oasis wherever their car or camping trip takes them.

    27. A pair of woven loafers that'll be their go-to summer shoe with all of their fashionable looks.

    person wearing brown loafers
    person wearing brown woven loafers

    Promising review: "The Alejandro Slip On shoe is truly wonderful! My reason for purchasing these was to have a stylish and high-quality leather slip-on shoe that I could quickly put on and head out. These truly are the perfect pair, and they look very nice with jeans, shorts, and even trousers for both casual and slightly dress casual moments. These are made very well and are very well constructed and also have a high quality craftsmanship that is needed for shoes like these. I feel that they will keep their quality for many years to come and will only get better with every wear." —David P.

    Shipping Info: Expedited two- to three-day shipping options are available at additional cost. Click here for more info. 

    Get them from Nisolo for $180 (available in men's sizes 8–13 and eight colors).

    28. A Rocketbook Everlast smart notebook perfect for the dad who's always jotting down personal or work notes. All they need to do is put the pen to the Rocketbook paper and then scan them to their device. Then they can simply wipe the page clean and use it over and over again.