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World Cup

World Cup

23 Pictures That Prove The World Cup Is Pure And Total Chaos

Not the world peace we deserve, but the world peace we need.

This Week On The Inter Webz: Barbecue, Beer, And Balthazar The Rooster

Here’s how the world celebrates the beautiful game! ⚽ 🏆

How Much Of A Soccer Fan Are You REALLY Though?

**Watches ONE World Cup match**

The Best Beards Of The World Cup

With a few goatees tossed in there.

14 Reasons To Be Excited About The FIFA Women's World Cup

There are only 326 days left, so don't stop saying GOOOOOOOOOOAL yet.

100 coisas incríveis que aconteceram no Brasil durante a Copa do Mundo 2014

Volta, Copa. Para favoritar e matar as saudades todos os dias.

Brazil's Coach Dumped After Embarrassing End To World Cup

Luiz Felipe Scolari the first victim of a terrible campaign.

Una carta de agradecimiento para Argentina

Hicieron un excelente trabajo.

A Streaker Tried To Steal Germany's World Cup Glory And Failed

One billion people watched the climax of Brazil 2014 on TV. They missed one crucial moment.

A Closing Letter To The Argentine Team

No need to cry, Argentina.

Christ The Redeemer Was The Unexpected Star Of The World Cup Final

As the sun set on the World Cup, Rio's iconic statue gave the world an unforgettable image.

24 imagens da festa de encerramento da Copa do Mundo

Vazio de novo, mas teve Shakira.

The Most Heartbreaking Moment Of The World Cup Final

Argentina's Gonzalo Higuain thinks he's scored... then realises he hasn't. His first half "goal" was ruled off-side, but Higuain didn't find that out until after he'd wheeled away to celebrate.

Germany Wins The 2014 World Cup After A Goal By Mario Götze

A goal in the 112th minute gave Germany their fourth World Cup title.

The Dutch Goalie Took A Break During The Game And The Internet Went Crazy

Netherlands and Brazil played for third and fourth place in the World Cup. Jasper Cillessen didn't seem to be stressed.

So Just How Diverse Are The Teams In The World Cup, Anyway?

A visual breakdown of the roster of every team that advanced to the knockout stage.

Estas son las figuritas del equipo argentino que tenés que coleccionar

Hace 24 años que esperamos este momento, estos dibujos son para la historia.

L’Oréal "Drops" World Cup Teenage Model After Hunting Picture Controversy

The 17-year-old's Facebook account also appears to have been taken down.

The Most Outrageous Tattoos Of The 2014 World Cup

Tattoos, like memories, last forever.

15 Argentinos que más vale cumplan con su promesa

Parece que los tatuadores van a tener unas semanas moviditas.

Em qual fase do luto pós-7 a 1 você está?

Negação, raiva, negociação, depressão ou aceitação? Baseado em ideia de @r_evangelista no Twitter.

54 Images That Prove Argentines Feel All The Feelings At The World Cup

There was suffering, there was crying, there was looking up at the sky. In the end the team made it to the final and they all exploded in joy.

Los 17 mejores memes de la victoria de Argentina

Acá están todas las imágenes para que compartas con tus amigos por WhatsApp.

Mascherano dejó todo en la cancha y Twitter explotó con los #MascheFacts

Porque dejó todo en la cancha y predijo el futuro. ¡Gracias de corazón!

An Open Letter To The Brazilian Team

In spite of the loss, there's so much to be proud of.

Argentina Defeats Netherlands, Advances To World Cup Final

Argentina will play Germany in the World Cup Final on Sunday.

A 17-Year-Old Belgian World Cup Fan Won A Modelling Contract After Her Crowd Pic Went Viral

And in other news, Rihanna's "Colombian cutie" has been found.

¿Quién sos en la selección Argentina?

El único quiz que quiere ser campeón.

These "Brazil Riot" Photos On Twitter Are Not From Today

Warning: Old images are being posted on social media during Germany's World Cup rout of Brazil.

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