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55 Thoughts You've Had During The World Cup

OK, so is it soccer or fútbol?

NBC / Via

1. Okay here we go.

2. Go America.

3. What's this?

4. Buffalo chicken dip? I'll just have a little.

5. Wow this is good.

6. I should stop eating.

7. Okay just one more chip.

8. Well that chip was small, I need one more.

9. Seriously this is the last one.

10. Okay back to the game.

11. Six minutes on the clock.

12. Wow the game went that quickly?

13. How long was I eating for?

14. Wait, the clock is going up.

15. Does anyone else know the clock is counting up?

16. How am I supposed to know how much longer the game lasts?

17. I wonder if anyone here knows how long a soccer game is.

18. Don't ask, pretend you know about soccer.

19. Dear Google, how long does a soccer game last?

20. 90 minutes. Wow that's a long game.

Disney / Via

21. Oooo he's really cute.

22. I wonder if he's on twitter.

23. I should tweet to him.

24. Wait, look at that one he's even cuter.

25. Why didn't I watch soccer before this?

26. Why does that guy have so many tattoos?

27. And why is that guy rolling on the ground?

28. Aww that's sad the medics took him away.

29. I feel kinda bad for him.

30. Wait is that the same guy?


31. Why is he back on the field?

32. And another player is down.

33. Talk about dramatic.

34. Did it rain or is that sweat drenching his shirt?

35. Not raining, definitely sweat.

36. Are those abs underneath that shirt?

37. Those can't be real.

38. OMG They are real!

39. Why doesn't my boyfriend have abs like that?

40. Where is my boyfriend?

41. Oh, getting another beer.

42. What is that? 10? 11?

43. And this is why he doesn't have abs like that.

44. 90 minutes. Excellent game is over.

45. Let's get out of here. Real Housewives is on soon.

46. And why are the players not leaving the field?

47. Added time?

48. What is added time?

49. Five minutes!

50. What is going on here?

Fox / Via

51. And they just scored.

52. And we tied.

53. And finally the games over.

54. I still don't get it.

55. I wonder if there's any of that buffalo chicken dip left.

Screen Gems / Via
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